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blinkx Pico, world's smallest search engine & desktop search apps is currently working on their brand new desktop navigation tool "dubbed Pico." Dubbed Pico is a small application that enables the users to search the web contextually. The main function of Pico is that it reads computer active screens, drives out the required information from the web and other sources of Pico.

What is Pico?

Let me tell you. Pico is world's smallest search engine as stated by blinkx that sounds like a desktop version of UCmore, and used the similar technology even before the apps came into being. Further more, this 1MB download when installed, appears on the desktop as a chain of channels. Each of these channels represents different content such as news, blogs, video, Web, Wikipedia, images, and "people", that takes out information from online communities, also comprising of

How Pico works?

If you are wondering how Pico works, then here are few indications. Although Pico works invisibly, it searches the necessary information for you by continuously updating its query, prior to what's on your screen at that point of time. Pico also works on applications that have text, be it your browser, email or word processing applications.

blinkx has made implict search possible and proved themselves superior to other top most software companies like Microsoft  and Apple.

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