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All that happened in the world of search engines in the first week of August. Once again, the blogs are all in chronological order. Enjoy!

How to Save Googlebot the Trouble of Crawling Infinite Space!:

Google has now started to inform the Webmasters via the Webmaster Tools message center, whenever such an anomaly is discovered. Because the issue of infinite space can cause inconvenience to the Webmasters, therefore it is imperative that they get their websites verified with Webmaster Tools. Frequent check of the Webmaster Tools message center would also serve as an added advantage.

Has Google Blocked WebPosition Ranking Software for Good?:

It seems that after a long history of threatening to ban automated rank checking softwares, Google has finally closed its doors on one of the most popular search engine ranking software, WebPosition.

Google SERP August 2008 Changes, webmasters Concerned and Confused!:

Google has begun its SERP changes for August 2008. Webmasters have been reporting of numerous ranking changes and some Webmasters are even witnessing the resurrection of defunct 301 HTML pages from their old websites. The odd part being, that these pages haven't been indexed for the last two months and yet they are being displayed at the top of the search results.

Yahoo! Weather Report. Yahoo! to Roll Out August 2008 Search Index Update!:

Yahoo! has announced that it would be rolling out its 'Weather Update', that would include changes in the crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms. The expected update will continue for a couple of days, but Yahoo! expects to finish it soon.

As usual, we are expecting numerous uncalled for ranking changes and page shuffling in the index, but Yahoo! Hopes to finish the update as soon as possible.

Google To Add Relevant Custom Titles to Incomplete Search Results

Google has announced via the Official Google Blog that, it will now automatically add relevant titles to the search results, that have incomplete titles. Google will be assigning relevant titles according to the content of the page and would induct it into its search index.

Google Launches Google Insights For Advertisers- “See what the world is searching for”!

Since Google's update to Google Trends was very well received with a lot of positive feedback, Google has now announced via the Google Inside AdWords Blog the launch of Google Insights for Search This product is designed specifically for the advertisers, as it will provide enhanced flexibility and functionality giving the marketers a better understanding of search behavior.

Microsoft Webmaster Tools Finally Out of BETA and Updated!:

To the uninitiated, in November last year, Microsoft had launched the Live Search Webmaster Tools and since then, the tool has been running in BETA mode.

However, now Microsoft has announced, that it has finally taken the Live Search Webmaster Tools out of BETA and has updated this tool with some significant additions. These new features are aimed at providing the Webmasters with more in-depth information as to how their websites are crawled and indexed by Live Search.

Google seems to be inflicting intense penalties for misusing 301 Re-directs!:

According to Webmaster World, some of the Webmasters used the 301 Redirects far too many times and had to face the consequences. As per Tedster (a prominent member of the Webmaster World), the penalties levied on Webmasters for the misuse of 301 Redirects can be quite harsh, including, Google eying your website with suspicion almost forever. However, Google does allow re-consideration requests in case of penalties for wrong 301 Redirects.

These are the news, reviews and events that have marked their impact on the Search Engine Industry this week. Sit tight for more news from this ever evolving domain. Have a great weekend!

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, an SEO Agency in India with offices in Chicago, Mumbai and London. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet's expertise has established PageTraffic as one of the most awarded and successful search marketing agencies.
Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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