Windows Live Product Search Beta Launched

May 6, 2006 | 1,185 views | by Candid SEO
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Windows Live Product Search offers you the power to browse products available for purchase online from over 100,000 sellers. You can try searching for all you want and can't find either online or offline. It uses technology provided by product teams in Redmond and Beijing in collaboration with Microsoft Research Asia. It depends on productizing the core technology which can algorithmically classify and extract product information from numerous online web sites.

The product search has many features common to other Windows Live search members. Examples are smart scroll, image hovering, and level of detail slider.  In addition, users are able to refine their searches by: Related term, Brand, Seller and Price.

The initial beta offering is missing several features such as: rating and reviews, item clustering and bigger selection. According to Imran Aziz, Lead Program Manager, "It is interesting to note that in addition to indexing products such as toaster ovens and chai tea, the system also indexes commercial offers for vacation rentals to automobiles." Happy Shopping!