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Microsoft launches its beta version of Live Search today. This is specifically designed to improve the MSN search. So, atleast for the time being you can enjoy an entirely upgraded version of the MSN search that includes refreshing features including an updated version of and a Windows Live Toolbar. According to Adam Sohn, Microsoft's Director of Global Sales & Marketing PR, both the services would be empowered by the same underlying technology. Quite a good thought! But, the user response would only tell how fruitful his thought has appeared.

Sohn further adds that the Windows Live Site's prime focus will be on the productivity, while the MSN will continue to act as a media and content destination. These features would help you visualize and connect to the information in a better way. Some more features include "film strip" view that will show thumbnail images in the left rail of the result page. Now, you can scroll down a single search result page without having to click to additional pages of results. That sounds really cool! 

Wait! There's a lot more

The Windows Live Search also comprise of web search, as well as a brand new image search, news search, RSS feeds, mail, local search, MSN spaces and shopping, and offcourse Microsoft's blogging service. Infact with the help of "Macros," you can even customise and save searches to be run again.

The launch of an updated today has provided many solutions for the users to add your search results to the homepage, subscribe to RSS feeds directly from the search results in the required format. Surprised? Don't be.



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