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The self proclaimed “Pandora for places” app that helps users in quickly finding a location is now a part of Yahoo Search team. The announcement was made by Zofari on its website.

Founded in 2012, Zofari is inspired by Pandora, the music streaming service and the movie streaming Netflix. It generates recommendations by taking out information from other services like Foursquare and partly by looking at the places you like.

Yahoo Acquires Zofari to Bolster Local Search

To use the recommendation app, you need to give Zofari the name of a restaurant, cafe, bar, or neighborhood you like. In return it displays similar places around that area. Zofari creates customized stations using your preferred places. Whenever you change your locations the results update. 

Zofari team said that it is proud of the recommendation app built by them and has always wanted to reach users at a wide scale. The decision to join Yahoo was an easy one for them. They also mentioned that while they are very excited about working with Yahoo, they will not be talking about it.

A Yahoo spokesperson said that they are thrilled to welcome the Zofari team and the local recommendation app will continue to build amazing discovery experiences. Zofari also said that it will continue to help users explore places in the fastest way possible.

According to Google Play’s figures, the app has 5,000 to 10,000 downloads. The Zofari app will for now be available on mobile web as well as on iOS and Android OS.

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