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Various new features and upgrades have been added to services by Yahoo! Answers. It would make it more convenient for the users. Some of those exciting services are:

Spell Checker

This spell checker tool is especially made for Email Question page, Answer Question page, and comment areas. Now, you can write something without worrying about the spelling. This spell check will check all the spellings for you. This is available on the Ask a Question page and functional with Internet Explorer 6.x, and Firefox 1.5.x browsers.

User-to-user Email and IM

This feature enables you to send instant messages and email to other participants. Now, you can contact other people on Yahoo! Answers without posting your personal information on the Q@As. But your message should go to a functioning address or you wouldn't be able to send any messages. Like always there are some defined rules to use this service.
If you enable IM communications, your instant message ID will be seen publicly on your own profile page.

Weekly Leaderboard

A new version has been added in the Leaderboard. This version helps to track highest point earners in a week in the category of who answer and ask questions.

Category Top Answerer

This feature has been added in a top-level category. Now, the users can see the category's "top answer" at the top of the page. With a click on the "Top 10 answerers" you can see the top ten visitors with the best answers.



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