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Yahoo and Mozilla have recently made an announcement regarding a “strategic five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search experience for Firefox in the United States on mobile and desktop.” Both the companies also added that they will seek to explore other potential and possible “future product integrations and distribution opportunities to other markets.”

Google will now be replaced by Yahoo as the present Firefox search provider. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer once had only Firefox as its main contender, but the latter has been replaced by Google’s Chrome. Chrome is currently the top browser across the globe. Firefox has been trying hard to find an entry in the mobile market.

Firefox currently has 16 percent browser market share on PC desktops in the US, as per a report by StatCounter. Firefox and Google have shared a less cordial association since Chrome was launched as a competitive browser. The previous Google-Firefox deal prior to the tie up with Yahoo was in the year 2011.

Yahoo-Mozilla deal is valuable for both the companies, though experts are saying some pecuniary risks may be incurred by Firefox for leaving Google. This is yet to be observed. In her official blog post, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer has characterized search as a growth area while commenting about the partnership:

“At Yahoo, we believe deeply in search – it’s an area of investment and opportunity for us. It’s also a key growth area for us – we’ve now seen 11 consecutive quarters of growth in our search revenue on an ex-TAC basis. This partnership helps to expand our reach in search and gives us an opportunity to work even more closely with Mozilla to find ways to innovate in search, communications, and digital content. I’m also excited about the long-term framework we developed with Mozilla for future product integrations and expansion into international markets.”

The fresh Yahoo search experience will debut on Firefox next month. Mayer has indicated it will provide “a clean, modern and immersive design that reflects input from the Mozilla team.” From the screens which can be seen in her post, the new clean look could be like its competitive rival Google in some ways. The new clean look could also be a precursor to the modified and improved Yahoo search UI on a general basis.

Yahoo Is Now The Default Search Provider For Firefox

There has been some speculation based on the press release that Yahoo could even become the search provider for Firefox OS mobile devices across the world. Android has been aggressively targeting the low end of the smartphone market so the future of other devices is an area which remains nebulous and uncertain.

The press release has indicated that this collaboration is the most significant for Yahoo in the past 5 years. While Firefox’s share is far lower than Chrome and IE, the deal will certainly boost Yahoo each month and lead to increase in search related ad revenue.

Yahoo may not be taking over from Google in Europe yet as the default search provider for this browser though. A Mozilla blog post says Yandex is the default search engine in Russia and it is Baidu in China. Google now continues to compete with Firefox in both these nations. As far as Europe is concerned, Google could remain a search provider for Mozilla- this may even help the search engine giant in antitrust negotiation in Europe. Mobile search ads will be from Bing and Yahoo Gemini while desktop search ads are going to be from Bing only.

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Navneet Kaushal
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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
  • That will be total doomsday prophecy coming true for Firefox. They should rather focus on stabilizing their "Crashes" rather than making such advances. Yahoo already seems clueless with what exactly they want to offer and these default associations are not going to do any good unless they better their UI experience. Yahoo search results just doesn't comes anywhere close to any competition when compared with Google search results. Under such a scenario, this latest move is absolutely baffling to me. But, that's just me!!

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