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The Yahoo Directory commenced in 1994 and the core part of Yahoo operations closed 0n 27th December. The Yahoo Directory ceased operating 5 days ahead of the scheduled end.

Those who attempt to reach the Yahoo Directory at its long time address of will now be redirected to a fresh location of apart from a home page with a “Yahoo Small Business” logo:

“The new page still has the general look and feel of the old Yahoo Directory, listing categories that are not necessarily small business related, such as Linguistics.”

Those who review the listings in the each of the categories will receive an error page.

The estimation is that Yahoo is still carrying out work regarding the removal of the previous site and changing this into what has been planned, which appears to be some type of service akin to Yellow Pages. The new site carries the Yahoo Small Business logo, Yahoo Small Business appears on its individual site. The new directory will get associated with the promotion services offered by Yahoo Small Business.

In the month of September, Yahoo made the announcement that the closure occur saying:
“Advertisers will be upgraded to a new service; more details to be communicated directly.”

An End That Came Sooner

Yahoo indicated that the closure of the Yahoo Directory would occur on December 31st, 2014. The actual date of closure was 5 days earlier. Currently, there is no blog post regarding this change and in light of the errors, it is possible that work will persist and result in an official post towards the last day in December. Or it may not. Yahoo did not give Yahoo Directory the burial it was worth, when news of the closure was announced first, embedded in the third point of a post entitled,“Progress Report: Continued Product Focus.” The Yahoo Directory was all there was of Yahoo way back in 1995 when it looked very different.

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