May 8, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Recently MSN dumped Yahoo! as PPC provider. Now Yahoo! has retaliated by announcing their new PPC system.

The system will be rolled out in phases in order to lessen disruption to Yahoo's base of hundreds of thousands of customers, who need time to optimize the system to maximize the number of customers their ads may attract.

The first phase, which begins on Monday, is to deliver the core upgraded data and analytics platform. The second phase begins in the third quarter, when the full marketing campaign application becomes available to advertisers. The new system is intended to allow for quicker testing, eventual ads on other devices such as mobile or televisions, and geographic based ad purchases:

The Yahoo! ad system also offers geographical targeting based on databases of geographical terms it acquired when it bought London-based WhereonEarth last year. Thus Yahoo can infer when Web searchers mean Soho, London or Soho, New York.

Eventually, the system will also allow advertisers to buy ads across Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and other systems, allowing for comprehensive budgeting, something Google already offers.

Is that possible? I thought you could not manage your Google AdWords account in Yahoo!

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