May 2, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Yahoo! Search Marketing Local Featured Listings is a new feature which has been introduced by Yahoo! recently. This particular feature will probably help out all those who face troubles in the search engine marketing. Further more, it is stated that small businesses can advertise in specific local search results and the monthly fee will be $29.95. That's interesting.These listings vary than the normal Yahoo! Search Marketing sponsored links. However, it has the ability to add business phone numbers, map links, directions, and "send to phone" feature into the advertising mix.

Yahoo Local Comes With The Following Features:

* Guaranteed prominent placement in Yahoo! Local
* Convenient month-to-month billing of a flat rate based on your business category and location
* A highly customizable listing and business details page
* A free 5-page basic web site

As conveyed by Aytek Çelik in YSearchBlog:

As more small businesses became familiar with Yahoo! Local, they have asked for an easy way to place local ads that will drive foot-traffic to their stores, and phone calls to their services. As consumers of Yahoo! Local, they benefit from immediately seeing the phone numbers to the businesses listed in the natural search results, without having to click further.

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