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Yahoo! may face legal action by the family of Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist. Tao has been accused of leaking confidential government information to others via his Yahoo! Mail account. Tao's family said that he has been jailed for ten years for leaking these secrets. Yahoo! Mail had to surrender all the email records of Shi Tao to the Chinese authorities because mail servers come under Chinese jurisdiction. Tao had distributed a confidential Chinese government order even after he received a prior warning by the government.
Zhang Yu, representing the family of Shi Tao told Forbes that they were considering taking Yahoo! Hong Kong Holdings to court either here or in the United States.
'We believe what (Yahoo!) did was illegal so we are considering taking Yahoo! to court,' Zhang told reporters, adding that Yahoo! had refused to discuss the matter with him.
Pro-democracy legislator and lawyer Albert Ho showed a copy of the court verdict issued by a court in the central Chinese province of Hunan.
The document said: 'Yahoo! Hong Kong Holdings provided materials that confirmed the user's information.' It also gave the IP address of Shi's computer and his work phone number and address.

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