Jul 3, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Yahoo! And Google are testing a partnership that will see Google stream search results and search ads to Yahoo!. Confirming this to The New York Times, Yahoo! hinted that more partnerships are in the pipeline.

The collaboration between two companies came into notice when Yahoo! Search was seen serving Bing ads in some browsers, while in others, it was displaying Google ads. This is the fallout of the loosening of Microsoft and Yahoo! search contract, which was renegotiated last April. The new agreement requires only 51 percent of Yahoo! search results to serve Bing ads, while the ads for the other 49 percent are streamed from Yahoo's Gemini system or new partnerships, such as the one they are testing with Google.

As Yahoo! says, they run tests with a range of partners including search providers with the objective of creating the best experiences for Yahoo! users. If this is it, the arrangement between Yahoo! and Google may only be a test and it may not translate to an actual deal later.

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Ritu Sharma
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