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After Yahoo & Bing releasing their top searches, Google has released the annual Year in Search list to reflect & share the moments that just make us break out into laughter, beam from ear to ear, or stay glued to the screens. This was the year when we were saddened by the death of a famous and beloved comedian, saw the news about a terrible plane crash and came across the impact of a frightening disease. A beautiful game captivated us and we enjoyed ourselves with birds, an ice bucket and a princess who was frozen.

Learn more about the people, events and topics that formed the defining moments of 2014 in our video:

Google – Year in Search 2014

Bidding the Beloved Genie Adieu

One only has a tiny spark of madness and they must not lose it. The death of beloved comedian and iconic Hollywood actor Robin Williams caused the world to come to a halt and many people went online to search for data and to keep the actor in their memories. This placed Williams in the top spot on Google’s international trend charts. There was even a massive rise in the searches associated with depression tests and mental health in the period after his death. Users revisited his amazing and unforgettable roles in films such as Aladdin and Dead Poets Society. All found some solace for their grief in gifs and memes which embodied Williams’ spirit.

The World is A Stage

Nothing connects people like sports and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was one of the biggest one can remember this year. The World Cup in Brazil had quite a few memorable moments and everyone’s attention was drawn to it through TVs and mobile devices throughout the summer. From the bite initiated by Luis Suarez to the superhuman performance of Tim Howard in the game against Belgium and Germany’s amazing fourth win, this chart topping competition lived up every inch to its reputation and gave viewers exactly what they were looking for.

Sports was not the only uniting factor here. A good cause also brought many together. Awareness for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more well known ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, became led to the phenomenally viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which hit the world in a big way. Celebs and commoners alike shivered under a bucket of ice cold water for a cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge led to generation of USD 100 million in funds for finding a cure for this illness.

A Year in Google Search: Defining Moments of 2014

A Mystery Which Remained Unsolved

How could a plane in this age of connectivity just disappear into thin air, into the unknown? This was the question that also dominated Google search. The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, caused many to wonder and the mystery made it to international trend charts. As people continued to investigate and search for the plane on the ground as well as online, most stayed optimistic for a happy conclusion regardless of the low adds: Searches for “mh370 found” were way more than searches for “mh370 lost.”

Check out the list of 10 international trending searches for Google users this year below.

A Year in Google Search: Defining Moments of 2014

Users can find out more about the top searches and more at

Find out more about stories this year, a single chapter at a time.

On the Year in Search site, you can gain an in-depth perspective at the stories which made 2014 memorable. From the massive popularity of the selfie to the comprehension that if we search for “how” more than “why,” each of the vital chapters disclose more about the people and events that propelled the year forward.

A Year in Google Search: Defining Moments of 2014

Google also made it simpler to locate trending topics for 2014 from Google Search directly. A simple search for [google 2014] will show users what reached the top trending lists from across the globe. More insights can be gained for the year from #YearInSearch. Take some time out and feel the defining moments of 2014, for the new year is just around the corner.

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