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YouTube now enables users to create a 3 seconds intro video to the start of every video on their channel. YouTube said in a blog post that the new intro videos will help channel owners build a consistent brand that their fans recognize. To automatically add the video users can:

  1. Upload the three seconds intro video you’d like to use to your channel as an unlisted video.
  2. On your channel's InVideo Programming page, click "Add a channel branding intro" and select the intro from a list of eligible videos.
  3. Select which videos you want the intro to appear on.

"Many of you have asked us for a way to create a distinctive intro for your videos, so you can more easily build a consistent brand your fans will recognize. Well, game on. Starting today you can automatically add an intro video up to three seconds to the start of every video on your channel," posted YouTube software engineer John Gregg in the YouTube Creators blog.

However, YouTube said that the intro videos should not be used as ads, sponsorships, or product placements. Also, they should not be used by channels that use their videos as advertisements. Users can either add an intro to all of their videos, or to videos uploaded after a particular date. You can also remove or edit an intro video at a later time.

While some channel owners have already been including a short clip to introduce their videos, with the new feature it becomes easier for a one-time upload. The intro videos can also be easily refreshed whenever you feel that it has become outdated.

YouTube Enables Channel Owners to Add Three Second Intro to Their Videos!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Ritu Sharma
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