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YouTube has made changes to its commenting system, which is still linking to but not completely removed from Google+.

The new comment moderation system is centralized and filtered, offering creators a dashboard to interact at one place with the comments the videos they shared have received. The actions however also remain the same: approve, deny, flag, report, view.

Another improvement is that YouTube is now letting the video creators streamline actions by setting up filters of approved users, banned users, and blacklist users. The filters will work, if the discussion tab is activated, which means if the creator has allowed comments on video/channel.

YouTube Revamps its Commenting System with New Comment Management Page

While approved and banned users have the understandable meaning & functionality, blacklist is more than just banning a person. The filter allows the video creator to shortlist a few words that will hold back & moderate the comments, before they get posted on the page. This way, unwanted content, even posted by an authorized user will be prevented from showing up.

Comment Ranking

Here comes the major role play of Google+. The platform will help in surfacing comments. The contribution made by people in your circle as well as popular personalities will get higher rank in the comments thread, along with the comments that the creator makes. So, the search priorities will not be set by the creator.

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Navneet Kaushal
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