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Can you see more content on YouTube homepage? If yes, it is the result of the updates that have been rolled out within a week's time and have changed the way logged-in users provide more videos and interact with their subscriptions. 

A YouTube Creators blog dated 23 April also gave a hint that there will be a series of changes in the homepage feed or sub-box in the coming days. 

Till now, users saw feed on their homepage with single video but now more videos are added to the feed to increase user engagement and video watch time.

The future updated from YouTube will continue to focus on the personalization of feeds content and their organization.

Here are some of the variations of activity posts:

Popular Videos

Users will see three most popular videos from a channel. There will be an option to scroll left and see more.

Additional Activity

Notification will be provided for activities in comments and subscriptions from the subscribed channels as well as Google+ activity.

Recent Videos

You will now see two or three most recent videos from a channel.

Recommended Videos

YouTube will recommend a mix of videos that will be outside of your subscription. These will be most popular videos with shared interest audiences.

Uploaded Videos

You will more likely see single upload posts in "My Subscriptions".

However, the organization and prioritization of the updates will mostly depend on the viewing behavior of the user. For example, if you watch more videos from your subscription rather than search and other sources, YouTube will recommend videos that will be in favor of your subscriptions. 

YouTube is hoping to create a tailored experience and keeping users on the site with the new way to use homepage that will encourage them spend more time in watching videos.

It is being assumed that YouTube is incorporating machine learning into algorithm just like personalized search and social feeds.

Brands will get a chance to enhance their visibility with the expanded Sub-Box for YouTube users. Similar to Facebook, brands should expect to get a good position in the feeds of the most-engaged subscribers. 

But, it is essential for brands to create quality and more engaging videos, so as to be in the subscription list of the users.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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