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On Thursday, Google announced a Webmaster Conference across 15 cities and in five Indian languages. In 2018, Google Search Conference was held across 11 Indian cities and was attended by more than 700 content developers from different parts of the country. Keeping in mind the great response from publishers, Google is bringing back the conference after rebranding it as Webmaster Conference. The Webmaster conference schedule is given below:

In 2019, with 500 million Internet users and 21 unicorns, the internet in India is maturing. We see hyper-scale ahead with potentially 1 billion users and 100 unicorns.  As a…

As entrepreneurs you are always focused on getting more growth and it doesn’t matter which stage the startup is at. Regardless of your sector and scale customer acquisition and retention…

Day 3 – How to Develop Multichannel Attribution Models That Move the Needle


1. Janet Driscoll Miller (@janetdmiller)

2. Simon Poulton (@spoulton)

3. Adam Proehl (@adamproehl)


1. Ginny Marvin (@ginnymarvin)

One of the most common challenges in marketing today remains the ability, or lack of it, to measure the success of programs. This is especially true in B2B.

Day 2 Keynote – Search Marketers Are The Trailblazers In The Emerging Martech Era


1. Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec)


1. Chris Sherman (@CJSherman)

Search marketers will, according to Brinker, “inherit the earth, or at least martech.”

The originator of the infamous martech infographics reviews how the original versions from 2011 listed several hundred logos, while the 2014 version had 1,000 logos of distinct marketing technology companies; the 2015 version had close to 2,000; and the 2017 version has more than 5,000, despite the constant assurances of pundits and media that, like with the “death” of SEO, the martech space would consolidate.

Day 2 – Artificial Intelligence Ain’t Art


1. Elizabeth Clark (@dreamagility)

2. Annie Cushing (@AnnieCushing)

3. Merry Morud (@MerryMorud)


1. Michelle Robbins (@MichelleRobbins)

With artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, business automation, creative scripting, chatbots and other cutting-edge technologies, the role of the modern search marketer changes as rapidly as the advancements in marketing technology happen.