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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engines

Google Demonstrates the First-Hand Experience with E-E-A-T Rating

Google has recently updated its search quality rater guidelines to include “E-E-A-T ” criteria. This update is aimed at better evaluating the expertise of content creators and the quality of the content they produce. The E-E-A-T criteria are used to assess the credibility and trustworthiness of a content creator, and businesses and individuals need to be able to demonstrate their expertise and authority in their respective fields to improve their search rankings. It is worth noting that human evaluators use these guidelines to assess the quality of search results rather than being used directly by the search algorithm. As a result, demonstrating first-hand experience has become more important for achieving high rankings in Google Search.

Google Provides Additional Details About its Search Status Dashboard

In a recent episode of its Search Off the Record podcast, Google discussed the purpose and scope of its Search Status Dashboard, which is a tool that provides updates on the status of various aspects of the search experience. The company explained that the dashboard would cover multiple incidents that may affect the search experience and noted that they do not have plans to translate updates into other languages. This episode of the podcast provided additional insight into the functionality and goals of the Search Status Dashboard, which is designed to help users stay informed about potential issues that may impact their use of Google Search.

Google Assists Users in Finding Cost of Living Assistance Resources

Google has recently implemented a feature that helps users find the cost of living assistance resources. When users search for terms related to cost of living assistance, they will see a box at the top of the search results page that provides information on available resources and how to access them. This feature is intended to help users more easily find the information and support they need to manage the cost of living in their area. It is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to provide helpful and relevant information to users and make the search experience more convenient and efficient.

Google Introduces Visual Guide to Search Results Elements

Google has launched a new visual guide that helps users identify and understand the various elements on a search results page. The guide aims to help users better understand the multiple features in Google Search and how they can improve the search experience. The guide provides clear definitions and illustrations of each element, making it easier for users to ask for help with specific features and get more relevant answers. This is particularly useful for those who may not be familiar with the technical terms used to describe different elements of the search experience.

PPC Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Easily Transition to Data-Driven Attribution with Google Ads

Data-driven attribution is the most commonly used and default attribution model for Google Ads. Still, some advertisers may be hesitant to change their preferred attribution model due to concerns about how it may affect their campaigns. Google is simplifying the process of switching to data-driven attribution for Google Ads campaigns and allowing advertisers to preview the potential impact of the switch before making any changes. This new feature is designed to help advertisers more easily take advantage of the benefits of data-driven attribution and optimize their campaigns for success. With the ability to preview the effect of the switch, advertisers can make more informed decisions about whether or not to transition to data-driven attribution.

Social Media Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Emphasizing Safety and Security in 2022: The Role of Meta

Meta, a company, has recently implemented various new programs and features to enhance safety and security on its platforms. The company made this announcement in a news release summarizing the year’s events. These updates were introduced in 2022.

Twitter Unveils Blue & Gold Checkmarks for Its Verification System

Twitter is introducing a revised verification system with gold checkmarks for businesses and unique labels for official accounts. The update addresses issues during the initial rollout of Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s Blue Verified program, which allowed anyone to buy a blue checkmark for an eight-dollar monthly subscription. The company has implemented several safeguards to prevent abuse of the blue checkmark to impersonate other accounts. Along with the new checkmark color for business accounts, there are also new requirements that users must meet to receive a verified badge.

Twitter Rolls Out Community Notes Feature to Entire User Base

Twitter is now making its Community Notes feature available to all users globally. This feature, formerly known as Birdwatch, allows anyone to view and rate fact checks contributed by other users. In a tweet thread, the company announced the feature’s availability and provided more information about how it works and instructions on becoming a contributor. Community Notes is a way for Twitter users to help provide context and add additional details to tweets that may be misleading or contain false information. It allows users to write notes that provide clarification, context, or alternative viewpoints to tweets that they believe need more information. These notes will be visible to other users who view the tweet, and they can rate the quality and helpfulness of the notes. This feature aims to help improve the overall quality of the information on the platform and promote more informed discussions.


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