Retargeting Statistics

The online shopping experience can be daunting for many consumers. Only 2% of shoppers who convert on their first encounter with an ecommerce site ever return to make additional purchases, according to Adroll! It’s not uncommon to take six visits before customers feel comfortable making significant purchasing decisions. This timeline may depend on how well you communicate your products and services through storytelling techniques and proven practical ways to get potential buyers hooked. Retargeting is an innovative marketing strategy that allows companies to target potential customers who have visited their website but did not convert into leads. This means you can follow these people across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices! The average global company uses retargeting in 33% of its campaigns.

The following infographic is courtesy of, providing some incredible numbers related to Retargeting. It explores the importance of getting retargeted and how giving someone another chance can make all the difference in your first impression!

Some retargeting stats include:

  • 92% of consumers do not intend to purchase their first visit to a website.
  • 3 out of 5 people are aware of the retargeting ads.
  • One-third of the consumers do not finalize any deal.
  • 76% of retargeted ads are more likely to get clicked than social media campaigns.
  • Retargeting ads get ten times more clicks than display ads.
  • 87.9% of site retargeting is used.
  • 91% of marketers think retargeting is more effective than emails and displays.
Retargeting Statistics

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