There is no doubt today that blogging is quickly becoming a favorite of all those marketers looking to find an inexpensive way of getting a word out about their company and brand. 

But ever since the advent of eCommerce platforms, the trend has been on a continuous rise as we see more and more blogs popping up related to anything and everything the website deals in and then some.

Presently exist numerous general as well as specialized stores out there who have extended their services through online portals alongside their brick-and-mortar store or even in the absence of one. 

And to get their name circulating the markets, the cheapest yet sometimes the most effective way is to create blogs related to the industry they are in. 

For instance, an online cosmetic store by the name of Nykaa in India is gradually increasing its reach towards other countries, and its beauty and fashion-based blog is considered a trusted source of information regarding anything that could be beauty-related. This includes skincare tips, hair care hacks, top product listings, comparisons, reviews, and so on.

Nevertheless, if you are an eCommerce store that is yet to begin your blog and contemplating the decision with all your might, let us help you. Here we have compiled a list of some extremely actionable reasons to convince you as to exactly why you require a blog and why you should start one now.

Reasons To Start Your eCommerce Blog

Admittedly, there can be a number of reasons why you should start writing a blog and many more that may be trying to convince you not to. But as we mentioned above, we have here a list of some very actionable reasons which can help you decide whether you need one or not.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogging for SEO is an excellent online marketing tactic. Driving traffic to your website and gaining a higher visibility on those search engine result pages (SERPs) is a sure-fire way of getting your portal noticed and that by itself works on creating a market for your products. 

However, by adding a blog, you make these efforts by your webpage truly worth it as long-form contents help rank a site higher, thanks to the numerous keywords they include. 

The more content you display on your blog posts, the higher are the chances of you being discovered. The search engines also tend to trust those pages more who have an associated blog page.

This way you can easily drive larger traffic to your website through your blog and vice versa. So be it BigCommerce, Shopify, or Magento — SEO is a key benefit of business blogging.

Develop A Brand Voice

Established brands, on one hand, are easily generating more business because of their popularity. On the other hand, however, eCommerce stores are suffering the disadvantage because they currently are simply a small store that happens to have an online presence. 

By starting with a blog and sharing your story with the audiences out there along with your expert opinions, comments, and ideas on various related subjects of the field, you give your customers a chance to get to know you and to identify with your expertise in the area. 

This makes you and your business both trustworthy and personal in the eyes of a reader and increases and your chances of gaining leads and conversions.

Portray Yourself As An Industry Expert

Now, first of all, let us make ourselves clear – we are not talking about faking it. What we mean is that since you already are working in the industry, it is safe to assume that you know the ins and outs and the roundabouts of the sector. 

This makes you an expert in the field and though yes, you may not know everything, you must know enough to begin. You can begin your blogging adventures by starting up with what you know best about the industry. 

Gradually, you can branch out and even write on topics that you may have to research beforehand. Since you already know about the subject matter of the domain you’re working in, we can also conclude that you would find it easier to separate the myths and facts from the researched information better than a layperson can.

This further makes your blog more valuable in terms of the knowledge to be received.

Drive Organic Traffic Towards Your Site

As we mentioned before, by creating a blog, you are basically assisting your SEO efforts that go into the main website. This ensures that your webpage is visible and discoverable by the potential customers out there.

However, this also helps you bring in traffic from new sources. For instance, if a buyer simply wishes to read the reviews about a certain gadget, he can do that on your blog and can also use the purchase page’s link if you’ve mentioned therein to eventually buy the item from your website itself. 

This redirection can help you gain a lot more following and leads while building upon your credibility and reputation amidst the masses.

Give A Boost To The Conversion Rates

Getting leads is not as tough a task and getting qualified or useful leads. And even more difficult is getting those qualified leads to convert to sales. 

A blog just might be able to help you with this conversion after all. For example, a blog post about airmail shipping, which is a service that helps an eCommerce business deliver its orders safely and in a timely manner, can help their customers gain an understanding of how the delivery system works, which in turn creates trust in the same. 

And if the buyer trusts the process, it automatically comes to trust the portal as well, thus increasing your chances of making a successful sale.

It Is Free-Of-Cost Marketing

It has to be, hands down, one of the most cost-saving methods when it comes to marketing your platform. As an eCommerce store, it is important that your valuable customers know of your online presence and promote it by word of mouth. 

However, they can also help you spread the word by literally spreading your written word or blog post. They can share a well-written, informative piece with their friends and families that can in turn fetch you more qualified leads than by simply maintaining a website. 

Simultaneously, if a consumer trusts your blog post, they will be more trusting towards your products and services. This method thus can bring to you numerous business opportunities at practically negligible or zero cost.

Build Consumer Rapport And Loyalty

Creating an easy-going rapport with friends is easy. But building this with an absolute stranger, that too over a written piece can be slightly more daunting. Nevertheless, rest assured, because a well-framed piece of information is any day better than talking about general weather in an attempt to start a conversation.

And starting a dialogue is exactly what is required to build a trusting relationship between two parties. You cannot expect to simply create a web page and start selling goods with zero talking involved. And while you cannot hold a conversation with each of your customers individually, blogging is a great way of doing it in a group. 

This helps them to get to know you, your business, ideas, and expertise, all the while being able to discuss it with you through comments. Once a consumer is hooked, you can also use these blogs and talks to inculcate in them a feeling of loyalty towards you and your store.

In The End

We mentioned above that there can be several reasons for you to consider starting a blog and many which make you not want to do that, but we stick by our statement – a blog can definitely help you grow your business out of its existing bonds and to newer heights you may not have even thought of. We kept our end of the bargain. We delivered to you some very actionable reasons for having a blog. Now, it’s your turn.


Carl Torrence into content marketing since 6+ years, with relevant subject-matter expertise and technical know-how in developing data-driven content for brands, SaaS businesses, and agencies