Many marketers send a lot of emails to try and get in touch with leading influencers in the industry. They inform them about new pages or contents on a website and request for backlinks from them for more exposure or to achieve any other digital marketing goal. They look to implement new tactics and techniques to improve their opening rates and get more answers, but the big fish is still in no hurry to bite the hook.

Email marketing experts cut it into small and effective steps for marketers: they explain what differentiates the best emails from the regular ones and share techniques on how to stand out from the competition, and suggest how to encourage email recipients to not just open but respond in time.

We are edging towards 2020, but the issue remains the same. Marketers continue to read and implement lots of outreach tactics, however, most of their emails get influencers angry. And, here’s why:

  • The emails don’t have the proper structure and appeal to them
  • They almost look like workout mundane templates, which closely resembles spamming their email space

Also, reaching out to a lot of people in a similar style would be a dumb thing to do as a marketer. In addition to using different tactics to optimize new web pages and contents for an extensive range of audience, you may want to look out for smart email outreach techniques based on the recipients and the intended results.

Below are the four effective tips to a successful email outreach campaign for link building:

Consider an Attractive Subject Line

To receive an answer, you must first put your best foot forward and convince the recipients to open your email. Are you aware that almost 80% of all marketing emails never see the light of the day? So what could you do to make your email stand out and be in that 20% of emails that do get opened and receive answers?


An attractive subject line is a crucial aspect because it is the first line people read when they check their emails. It helps the recipients to decide if they want to look at the email in detail and your job is to ignite this interest.

Certainly, there is no magical way to pen a catchy subject line for your email, but you can look for tips to make it more attractive.

E-mails with customized subject lines are more likely to be read and there’s nothing supernatural about it, only pure mind games. According to recent research, our names drive a different reaction in our brain that can lead to action— in this case opening the outreach email. Dale Carnegie better understands and describes this aspect in his book written almost a century ago — “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Remember that the name of an individual is the best and most important sound of all languages, but it is not that simple. The recipient’s name does not even guarantee that they will check out your email and respond in time.

Ensure the email subject line is intriguing and can drive them to open the email. Do not make the whole matter visible to the recipients right in the subject line. Ensure it is no longer than 5 to 10 words as long sentences sound too vague and informal.

Personalize Every Email

You need to know influencers and other website owners receive scores of emails every day. So what can make your emails stand out beside the email address and subject line? Enter customized emails as they are hard to overlook. You need to craft customized emails and how do you achieve this?

Read on:

  • Take the time to learn more about the influencers or the website owner you are looking to reach. Show that you did homework on them in your email. Although, switch off clichés like “I’m your huge fan” or “I’ve been following your blog,” especially if it was just a couple of days ago you sent them a Twitter message or connected on LinkedIn.
  • Do not be too focused. Would you like to talk to someone who cares more about their personal interests all the time? We are sure the answer is a big No. When writing your outreach email, think about what is for the recipient. Avoid something like “I’m sure your followers and visitors will love it” because, frankly, it does not help the person to whom you send an email.
  • As indicated, address a recipient by their first name as much as possible. Also, use the direct speech with less stress on you and your campaign and more in terms of how it is relevant to the recipient.
  • Make the email sound and read like a natural conversation. Avoid nonsense, write as you speak, but do not be too casual: “buddy,” “dude” and other appalling words will drag your email to the trash folder.

Send Emails at the Right Time and on the Right Day

Recent research on promoting your website or content through outreach emails emphasize the importance of the best time to click that send button. The ideal days would be Tuesday to Thursday between 6 am to 2 pm.

Before sending an email, make sure that:

  • It is not about your website or yourself, but the recipient.
  • Ensure the email is quite short and interesting
  • Relevant and straightforward

Use a Professional Looking Email Address

Finally, be certain to select a professional looking and sounding email address. First of all, this will help you to avoid getting into the recipient email’s spam folder or the promotion category of email, and secondly, it will give them a notion that you are serious marketing professional.

You can consider Gmail for a business email address or other domain-based address. Also, remember to use the correct signature at the end of your email. These might sound like small issues, but trust us a lot depends on how professional your email looks, even before they read the content in the email.

Influencers receive lots of emails on a regular basis, so introduce yourself properly first (although if they have shaken hands with you before and gave their word to help, there is a good chance they might have forgotten it). Enter your official name, the firm you work for and include e-signature. Also, your contact details and website address should be included because it makes it simple for recipients to look for these details and decide if you are a genuine marketer.

In the end, it is good to be persistent, but that doesn’t mean you send follow-up emails every day. It is time to delete those boring templates and create interesting, personalized emails for an effective and successful email outreach campaign.


Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.