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PageTraffic Buzz has always remained true to its original commitment- Digital Marketing related news, views and reviews in a fast and comprehensive manner. Over the last many years, we have provided our readers with first hand analysis of the smallest algorithmic changes as well as extensive coverage of the industry events.

To state a few facts, we started in early 2006 as Unofficialseoblog. Today, there are more than 10000 posts on this portal, nearly 7000 people subscribe to it through RSS feeds and lot many more read via other modes. The average monthly page view numbers are well above 50,000. We have been listed as one of the top SEO blogs by Pandia.

Some of the major conferences and events we have partnered and covered in the past are:

  • Search Engine Strategies (SES)
  • Search Marketing Expo (SMX)
  • ad:tech
  • Click Asia
  • Global Youth Marketing Forum
  • SEMPO Meetups

and lots more

If something worth knowing has happened in the Online Marketing world, it is buzzing here already. You don’t have to browse endless blogs or waste your time on numerous RSS Feeds, you will get it all here. Our authors combine reporting with insight and analysis which makes it easy to understand the full impact of any occurrence.

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