Cloud storage is the future of managing digital content; mostly your photos and videos. While applications such as Flickr, Everpix, and Instagram have already been successful in getting their share of attention, device owners are still longing for more.

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

Loom is the new entrant in the private storage arena. Applications such as Flickr and Instagram are designed to make online photo sharing easier. Dropbox works amazingly when it comes to storing documents & spreadsheets, but is not that good for images & videos. However, Loom is a fantastic application that addresses the concerns of private storage of device owners. 

An excellent application with clean design and speedy back end, Loom is the latest buzz in the market. And when we got a chance to try our hands on the application, here are a few pointers we decided to share with readers & app lovers.

The Look & Feel

An intuitive, clean, and crisp user interface of Loom will make data storage and access, easier device owners. At present, you can upload and view your images by three ways; on iOS device, via Web, or on Mac. 

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

When you open the application, you will find local copies of all the stored data synchronized to the designated Loom folder on hard drive. Moreover, the application is easy when it comes to synchronizing and deletion. The sync images will remain there, until you delete them from the service. Another smart feature of Loom is its recognition ability. If you have deleted a photo from Loom but it is still in your device, Loom will recognize the image and won't try to re-upload it. 

Loom comes with storage limit:

  • Users get 5GB data storage for free
  • $4 plan per month for up to $50 GB storage
  • $10 plan per month for storage above $500 GB

If space is not something that you are really worried about, you can sync Loom with unlimited iOS devices and computers.

Managing the Photos & Videos

You can upload the photos & videos from anywhere and view them anywhere on Loom. It is also possible to download high resolution multimedia content anywhere. If you want to edit a photograph, all you need to do is download it, make changes, and re-upload to Loom. 

The Timeline view of Loom makes it an ultimate candy for your eyes. You can upload all the images backwards in time. Users can also create Albums and Sub Albums inside the application, which makes organization simpler. 

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

Another interesting feature of Loom is Select All commend that will let you select all the photos in the timeline for sharing, deletion, or other purpose. The drag-to-select option saves you from tapping on 100 individual images for sharing or transfer purpose.

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

With Loom you can send single image or multiple images as:

  • An email
  • iMessage
  • Public Web link
  • Get Loom for your Device

Loom Review - Seamless Photo management via Cloud!

At present, Loom is only available through invite-only waiting list criteria. You visit the website and reserve your spot to get an access to the application.


Loom is definitely the Cloud solution for users who are looking for a smooth, clean, and fast private storage app. We will give the product 4 Stars out of 5 for its intuitive UI, smart features, ease of data management it offers, and better synchronization. Loom is still a newbie in the market; we expect next update to be even much better and 5 Stars worthy. However, the current Loom is a nice app and worth installing in your device. 


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