In 2010, when the term “backlinks” first gained traction, blog commenting was the go-to strategy for bloggers navigating the digital landscape. The very notion of employing multiple tactics for link generation seemed overwhelming, making blog comments an inviting choice.

Fast forward to 2023: the landscape has evolved. Google’s algorithms are smarter, and the competition is fiercer. Yet, the importance of blog commenting remains steadfast.

Simply put, blogging allows individuals to engage with their audience by discussing various subjects. Blog comments serve as a vital channel for building this blogger-reader relationship.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of high quality blog commenting sites across various niches (all with high Domain Authority), providing readers with ample opportunities for meaningful interactions.

2023’s List of Trusted High Quality Blog Commenting Sites (With Domain Authority)

List of Trusted High Quality Blog Commenting Sites
  • Why Should You Comment on Blogs?

Why Should You Comment on Blogs?

Delving into blog commenting might seem quirky at first, but rest assured, it’s a secret weapon in a blogger’s arsenal, offering a plethora of benefits.

Picture this: you’re a blogger, and your readers are VIPs at an online soiree. They’re the ones who transform your blog from mere text on a screen into a lively community. Their engagement—especially in the comment section—creates a sense of validation. Every reply to a comment feels like a virtual high-five, generating a satisfying buzz.

But blog commenting goes beyond simple reader engagement. It serves as a gateway to connect with influencers—key players in your niche who can help elevate your blog. These aren’t just sources for run-of-the-mill backlinks; they’re your blog’s fairy godparents, bringing in new followers and facilitating growth, which is particularly valuable when you’re starting out.

Consider this as well: a thoughtfully crafted comment on another blog is akin to leaving breadcrumbs that lead back to your own online sanctuary. While initial traffic may start as a mere trickle, earnest and intelligent commenting can turn that trickle into a torrent.

And if you’re launching a new blog, commenting can give it a much-needed boost. While there’s much debate over follow vs. nofollow links, even a nofollow link from a smart comment can be incredibly valuable. Think of it as planting a seed that has the potential to yield a bountiful harvest.

In summary, blog commenting is far from idle chit chat. It’s a strategic way to engage with your audience, network with influencers, drive organic traffic, and elevate a fledgling blog. If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your blog, the comment section is where the magic happens. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready!

How to Write the Ideal Blog Comment

How to Write the Ideal Blog Comment

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to craft blog comments that not only engage but also drive traffic and build backlinks.

Step 1: Find Blogs in Your Niche That Welcome Comments

Your first order of business is to identify blogs that are not only open to comments but are also directly related to your field of interest. We’re talking about relevance here, and it’s essential. Think of it as similar to finding the perfect match on a dating app; you want a blog that ‘gets you.’

Step 2: Level Up Your Gravatar Game

Once you’ve found suitable blogs, the next step is to make your comments stand out visually. Imagine that each time you post a comment, your face (or chosen profile picture) appears next to it, giving off the impression that you’re a credible commenter. How do you achieve this? 

Meet Gravatar—your free ticket to adding a touch of personal branding to your comments. Once you link it to your email, you’re all set to start engaging.

Level Up Your Gravatar Game

Step 3: Select Reputable, Credible Blogs

Let’s talk about authority. You wouldn’t take advice from just anyone, would you? The same goes for blogs. Aim for those with a Domain Authority (DA) of 30 or higher. 

While there’s no rigid rule, a higher DA can significantly bolster your efforts. You can easily check a blog’s DA using tools like MozBar.

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Step 4: Guidelines for Blog Commenting in 2023

Now, let’s navigate some common pitfalls. Avoid blogs that utilize Facebook or Disqus for their comment sections. While they may be good for interaction, they won’t offer the valuable backlinks you’re looking for.

Plus, you might miss out on potential referral traffic. Also, steer clear of comment sections riddled with spam; they’re not worth your time.

Step 5: Investigate Blogs like a Google Investigator

No need for a treasure map here. Just Google blogs within your niche where you can leave comments. It’s easier than finding your favorite pizza joint on a Friday night. You’re literally a few keystrokes away from starting your quest.

Step 6: Make Your Comment Stylish

Now that you’ve found the perfect blog to comment on, it’s time to leave a lasting impression. First and foremost, aim for comments that are at least 100 words. You’re here to make a meaningful contribution, not send a quick text to a friend. If possible, reference specific points from the blog post to show you’ve read it thoroughly.

A smart tactic is to include a thought-provoking question in your comment. This makes your comment stand out from the sea of generic “Great post!” responses.

Make Your Comment Stylish

Last but not least, avoid being the author of bland, generic comments that add no value to the conversation. Also, refrain from including links in your comments; they’re often a one-way ticket to the trash bin. Keyword stuffing is a no-go; it’s the digital equivalent of wearing a neon sign that screams, “I’m spam!”

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Final Level: Your Comment Example

Your Comment Example

Let’s say you have a great homepage, but you also want to feature a recent post or landing page. Don’t feel restricted to only linking your homepage in the website field of the comment section. Mix it up and introduce something new to your audience. 

List of Popular Blogs for Commenting on Blogging, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

  1. Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90
  2. Jungle Scout Blog: DA 57
  3. SmartBlogger: DA 58
  4. ThirstyAffiliates Blog: DA 43
  5. Backlinko: DA 63
  6. WPTavern: DA 57
  7. Blog: DA 56
  8. Inspire to Thrive: DA 39
  9. AdvanceWebRanking: DA 55
  10. Niche Pursuits: DA 52
  11. Beaver Builder Blog: DA 55
  12. Torque Magazine: DA 56
  13. Yaro Blog: DA 50 
  14. DA 51 
  15. DA 47
  16. RobbieRichards: DA 41
  17. Moz Blog: DA 91
  18. Neil Patel Blog: DA 89
  19. Ahrefs Blog: DA 75
  20. HubSpot Blog: DA 91
  21. Copyblogger: DA 78

List of High DA Technology Blogs for Commenting

  1. TechWalls: DA 59
  2. TroubleFixers: DA 49
  3. TechTricksWorld: DA 43
  4. HubsAdda: DA 32

List of High DA Health and Fitness Blogs for Commenting

  1. Fit Bottomed Girls: DA 61
  2. AggiesKitchen: DA 56
  3. HealthNut Nutrition: DA 57
  4. Mind Body Green: DA 79
  5. Precision Nutrition: DA 62
  6. MyFitnessPal Blog: DA 85
  7. Greatist: DA 73
  8. Born Fitness: DA 57
  9. Breaking Muscle: DA 59
  10. Nerd Fitness: DA 71
  11. 100 Days of Real Food: DA 61

List of High DA Finance Blogs for Commenting

  1. Making Sense of Cents: DA 57
  2. ManvsDebt: DA 56
  3. SeedTime: DA 58
  4. White Coat Investor: DA 54
  5. Doctor Of Credit: DA 54
  6. Small Business Trends: DA 82

List of High DA Travel Blogs for Doing Blog Commenting

  1. TravelDiaryParnashree: DA 35
  2. TheShootingStar: DA 52
  3. LakshmiSharat: DA 42

List of High DA Pets and Animals Blogs for Commenting

  1. Puppy Leaks: DA 50

List of High DA Education Blogs for Blog Commenting

  1. IESE Blog Network: DA 70
  2. DA 46
  3. The Book Smugglers: DA 56
  4. Modern Mrs Darcy: DA 55
  5. Smart Bitches Trashy Book: DA 60

List of High DA Home Decor Blogs for Blog Commenting

  1. Centsational Style: DA 65
  2. Style By Emily Henderson: DA 64
  3. Swoon Worthy: DA 49
  4. Design Milk: DA 74

List of High DA Lifestyle Blogs for Commenting Purpose

  1. Wit & Delight: DA 52
  2. Family Focus Blog: DA 57
  3. DA 57
  4. Aha-Now: DA 43
  5. PurseBlog: DA 69
  6. DashofWellness: DA 33
  7. EverythingMom: 45

List of Hindi Blogs for Commenting

  1. AchhiKhabar.Com: DA 30
  2. DA 24
  3. DA 19
  4. DA 26


Embark on your blog commenting journey with a meticulously curated list of verified sites, each rated for their Domain Authority (DA) for the year 2023. As you delve into this invaluable resource, aim to contribute meaningful and relevant comments, thereby enriching the online community’s ongoing discussions.

Your active participation not only bolsters your online visibility but also enhances the vibrancy of the online conversation. We encourage you to share any insights or tips you may have on productive blog commenting in the spirit of collaborative learning.

If you discover any high-quality websites that deserve a spot on this comprehensive list but are currently missing, please let us know. Together, we can continue to refine this extensive collection, fostering a culture of information-sharing and meaningful engagement.


What makes the “2023’s Trusted Collection: 50+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites with Verified High Quality” list special?

This list offers a carefully curated selection of blog commenting platforms, complete with information about their credibility, quality assessments, and Domain Authority (DA) ratings for 2023. It guides you toward reliable platforms where you can enhance your online presence.

Why is Domain Authority (DA) crucial for blog commenting sites?

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that gauges the strength and credibility of a website’s domain. It’s crucial for assessing a blog commenting site’s overall influence and authority. Selecting sites with a higher DA can boost your blog or website’s visibility and backlink quality.

How did you verify these blog commenting sites?

The verification process included a rigorous evaluation and analysis of various factors, such as site credibility, user engagement, content quality, and ethical standards. Only sites that met these stringent criteria made it to the verified list.

Are there guidelines for effective blog commenting on these platforms?

Absolutely. When commenting on these sites, make sure your contributions are relevant, valuable, and free of spam or promotional material. Following these guidelines can lead to better engagement and stronger connections within the blogging community.

Can this list help in building backlinks and SEO improvement?

Definitely! Insightful and relevant comments on high-DA websites can significantly enhance your backlink profile and SEO. Just ensure your comments are genuine, contribute to the conversation, and adhere to each site’s commenting policies.

Is it possible to suggest additional sites for the list?

While the current list has been thoughtfully compiled, we’re open to suggestions for future additions. If you come across any high-DA, trustworthy blog commenting sites, feel free to share them for consideration in future updates.


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