Digital marketers and online entrepreneurs often recognize the importance of utilizing market intelligence tools to maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries. While Similarweb enjoys a solid reputation, it may not perfectly align with every user’s unique needs.

Some users may prioritize greater data accuracy or more comprehensive analysis, while others could find Similarweb’s pricing structure prohibitive. Alternatively, there may be a demand for a tool tailored to specific niche markets. Regardless of the situation, it’s crucial to acknowledge the existence of alternative options.

This post aims to introduce some of the top Similarweb competitors in the market. By exploring these alternatives, individuals can make informed decisions to bolster their digital marketing strategies and online ventures.

What Is Similarweb?

Similarweb provides a comprehensive web analytics platform offering insights into website traffic, audience demographics, keyword analysis, and competitive intelligence. Its features enable users to:

  • Conduct keyword research: Identify valuable search terms and phrases to improve online visibility and reach target audiences effectively.
  • Perform competitor analysis: Understand competitors’ strategies and spot growth opportunities in the market landscape.
  • Conduct web industry analysis: Gain insights into industry trends and best practices for informed decision-making.
  • Analyze app categories: Identify market trends and opportunities within specific app categories for strategic planning.
  • Perform search intent analysis: Understand user behavior to optimize content and enhance search engine rankings.
  • Conduct website analysis: Evaluate performance, user experience, and SEO effectiveness to enhance the website.
  • Perform company analysis: Gain insights into competitors’ strengths and weaknesses for strategic positioning.
  • Analyze mobile app performance: Identify areas for improvement and optimization to enhance user experience.
  • Perform segment analysis: Understand different audience segments to tailor marketing strategies and maximize effectiveness.

Explore 10 Comparable Similarweb Competitors For 2024

Before delving into the top competitors of Similarweb, it’s crucial to clarify the methodology employed in creating this list. The methodology encompassed meticulous research, which involved comparing key features, user feedback, and pricing structures of various SEO tools.

While this compilation does not encompass any complimentary alternatives to Similarweb, it does acknowledge the availability of options offering free trial periods. By exploring these alternatives, users can gain familiarity with the platform prior to committing.

Notably, some of Similarweb’s foremost competitors are tools previously highlighted in earlier posts on the best SEO tools. This underscores their adaptability and significance in website analysis and SEO endeavors.

  1. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO offers an advanced on-page optimization tool crafted to elevate content optimization procedures. Utilizing a data-centric approach, it scrutinizes leading pages associated with a specific keyword, streamlining the content optimization process.

This tool enables thorough analysis of elements such as word count, headings, and keyword density within any provided content, furnishing personalized recommendations for optimization.

Surfer SEO is a valuable asset for website content optimization. Prior to publication, the content undergoes routine evaluation via Surfer SEO to swiftly gauge its optimization status.

The Outline Builder feature notably supports content strategy by promptly generating H1 headings and succinct paragraphs based on input keywords. Unlike Similarweb, Surfer SEO focuses squarely on enhancing on-page components to bolster search engine visibility, complementing the broader website analytics and competitive insights offered by Similarweb.

Its primary strengths revolve around delivering data-backed suggestions for content optimization, ensuring alignment with the criteria governing search engine rankings.

Key features:

  • Rapid assessment of search intent, monthly search volume, and keyword difficulty.
  • Exploration of pertinent topic clusters to enrich content strategy.
  • Identification of critical missing terms for page optimization.
  • Examination of top-performing pages to address content deficiencies.
  • Automated recommendations for internal linking.
  • Integration of the Outline Builder for structured content development.
  • Real-time metrics and NLP-ready keywords for concurrent writing and optimization.
  • Plagiarism checks to preserve content authenticity.

Pricing Options:

  • Basic Plan: $49/month
  • Pro Plan: $99/month
  • Business Plan: $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
  1. Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Moz Pro provides a comprehensive array of SEO tools tailored to enhance your website’s performance and elevate its search engine rankings. Its suite includes the indispensable Keyword Explorer, empowering you to strategically target keywords by accessing precise metrics on volume and difficulty. This functionality facilitates the creation and management of keyword lists, ensuring seamless tracking and updates.

The Rank Tracking feature furnishes valuable insights into your keyword rankings across local and national search contexts, complemented by a holistic Search Visibility score that offers a comprehensive overview of your ranking performance.

Furthermore, Moz Pro conducts meticulous audits to pinpoint and rectify issues impeding search engine crawling, promptly alerting you to uphold peak performance standards. It also offers optimization suggestions for individual pages, augmenting your content’s effectiveness.

Evaluate link opportunities using metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score to inform your link-building strategies. For streamlined reporting, Moz Pro provides customizable PDF reports featuring drag-and-drop modules and annotations, simplifying the reporting process.

Key Features:

  • Discover and monitor keywords with volume, difficulty metrics, and ranking data.
  • Conduct site audits to detect and resolve search engine crawling impediments.
  • Employ keyword clustering to categorize related keywords efficiently.
  • Receive tailored recommendations for optimizing web pages effectively.
  • Identify new link prospects and enhance existing ones.
  • Seamlessly upload keywords in bulk via CSV files.
  • Customize reports with drag-and-drop modules and explanatory notes.


  • Standard Plan: $99/mo ($79/mo yearly)
  • Medium Plan: $179/mo ($143/mo yearly)
  • Large Plan: $299/mo ($239/mo yearly)
  • Premium Plan: $599/mo ($479/mo yearly)

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  1. Semrush


Semrush emerges as a superior alternative to Similarweb, offering a comprehensive array of features and capabilities crucial for digital marketing. It encompasses tools tailored for SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media management, providing a holistic suite to elevate online presence.

The Domain Overview feature facilitates swift access to vital metrics such as organic traffic, keywords, and link profiles, enabling insightful glimpses into competitors’ online strategies.

For thorough analysis, the Traffic Analytics feature proves invaluable. It allows meticulous examination of various metrics like total visits, unique visitors, and bounce rates across up to five websites simultaneously, offering valuable audience demographics and traffic channel insights akin to Google Analytics.

Key Features:

  • Keyword research tool for uncovering new ideas and assessing keyword difficulty.
  • Site audit tool for identifying and resolving technical issues on your website.
  • Backlink analysis tool is used to gain insights into backlinks and discover link-building opportunities.
  • Backlink auditor feature for auditing and removing toxic backlinks that may harm site rankings.
  • Competitor analysis tool for benchmarking performance and identifying areas for enhancement.
  • Social media toolkit for content creation, posting, and campaign tracking.
  • Comprehensive market research tools for staying abreast of market trends and industry insights.


  • Pro Plan: $129.95 per month. This plan allows you to add up to 5 projects, track up to 500 keywords, and check up to 10,000 results for every report.
  • Guru Plan: $249.95 per month, includes adding up to 15 projects, tracking up to 1500 keywords, and checking up to 30,000 results for every report.
  • Business Plan: $499.95 per month, includes adding up to 40 projects, tracking up to 5000 keywords, and checking up to 50,000 results for every report.

Semrush offers a 7-day free trial, but a special link provides a 14-day free trial period.

  1. Ahrefs


Ahrefs offers extensive backlink analysis capabilities, leveraging one of the largest and most current databases in the industry. It provides in-depth insights into backlink profiles, referring domains, anchor texts, and more. Users can audit their own profiles as well as those of competitors.

Furthermore, Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer offers comprehensive data on various metrics, including search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, clicks, global volume, return rate, and keyword ideas.

The Site Audit feature enables users to check for technical issues on their websites swiftly. Following the audit, Ahrefs generates a detailed SEO Audit report encompassing an SEO health score, top issues, crawl status, issue distribution, and suggested fixes for each problem.

By integrating these features, Ahrefs emerges as a robust all-in-one SEO tool. For further details, please refer to a comprehensive Ahrefs review.

Key Features:

  • Conduct a thorough backlink profile analysis
  • Discover profitable keywords for paid and organic search
  • Identify highly shared content across various topics
  • Obtain accurate traffic estimations and valuable keyword ideas
  • Track mobile and desktop rankings in multiple locations
  • Receive regular reports to monitor changes in keyword rankings
  • Perform comprehensive website audits to identify SEO issues
  • Monitor and enhance website health and performance
  • Stay informed with alerts for new or lost backlinks, keyword rankings, and web mentions


  • Lite Plan: Starts at $99 per month
  • Standard Plan: Starts at $199 per month
  • Advanced Plan: Starts at $399 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $999 per month
  • Additional Data/Users: Ahrefs charges on a pay-per-go basis for added data or users to subscribed plans.
  1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers a comprehensive SEO solution tailored to your specific requirements. Its interface is user-friendly, and its design is straightforward, making navigation and understanding effortless. The dashboard provides a clear overview of your website’s ranking status, simplifying performance evaluation. Its tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and site auditing are all intuitive, streamlining these essential tasks.

With SE Ranking, you can efficiently monitor keyword rankings, analyze competitors, and evaluate your website’s performance compared to others in your field. The website auditing feature identifies technical errors and performance issues, ensuring your site is optimized for search engines. It also helps identify toxic backlinks and other obstacles that may impede your SEO efforts.

Additionally, you can analyze website traffic and user behavior to gain valuable insights into visitor interactions. Following an audit, customizable reports can be generated and shared with team members and clients to showcase progress in SEO efforts.

Key Features:

  • Monitor keyword rankings and evaluate performance.
  • Identify on-page optimization opportunities by assessing website structure and content.
  • Analyze competitors and measure performance benchmarks.
  • Evaluate backlink quality and effectiveness.
  • Conduct thorough website audits to uncover technical errors and performance issues.
  • Gain insights from website traffic and user behavior analysis.
  • Create customizable reports for sharing progress with teams and clients.
  • Seamlessly integrate SE Ranking with other tools and platforms through the SE Ranking API.
  • Utilize content marketing features for creating briefs, optimizing content, ensuring quality, and generating AI-driven content.


  • Essential Plan: $39/month
  • Pro Plan: $89/month
  • Business Plan: $189/month
  • Custom plans available

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  1. Serpstat


Serpstat caters to various SEO needs across different sectors, be it marketing, agencies, SaaS companies, e-commerce brands, or business owners. Its features encompass competitor research, keyword exploration, backlink analysis, site audits, rank tracking, and more.

Leveraging Serpstat’s comprehensive URL analysis feature provides valuable insights into missing keywords and crucial metrics, with adaptable filters to target specific data. Moreover, Serpstat furnishes an overview of your link profile, including its proprietary Domain Rank (SDR) index, which evaluates domain authority based on linking sites. Accessing detailed competitor information, including common keywords, rankings, and search visibility, empowers you to stay ahead in SEO.

For more in-depth competitor scrutiny, Serpstat’s Competitor Research tool furnishes insights into niche leaders and facilitates overall progress monitoring. Serpstat ensures seamless workflow integration with convenient extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Multiple support channels, encompassing email, FAQs, knowledge base, phone, and chat, are at the disposal of users seeking assistance.

Key Features:

  • Gain an overview of any website’s search visibility, monthly search traffic, and keyword metrics.
  • Compare your site with competitors, analyze shared keywords, and track ranking fluctuations.
  • Access a vast keyword database providing search volume, difficulty, and competition metrics.
  • Analyze backlink profiles, pinpoint top referring domains, and manage link building opportunities.
  • Monitor SERP rankings for specific keywords and establish regular reporting mechanisms.
  • Conduct comprehensive site audits to pinpoint SEO issues.
  • Generate customized reports encompassing essential metrics.


  • Lite Plan: $69/month
  • Standard Plan: $149/month
  • Advanced Plan: $299/month

Enterprise Plan: $499/month

  1. Serpstat


SpyFu provides extensive SEO and PPC functionalities, equipping users with essential tools to perform comprehensive competitor analysis, bolster organic rankings, and refine PPC campaigns. Moreover, its keyword research feature streamlines the exploration of fresh keyword prospects, conducts analyses on search volume and difficulty, and monitors keyword rankings over an extended period.

Furthermore, the SERP analysis capability enables a profound comprehension of search engine results pages, facilitating the pinpointing of areas ripe for enhancing organic rankings.

Additionally, users can identify backlink opportunities for any entered keyword, accompanied by pertinent data such as organic monthly clicks, page monthly clicks, and domain strength, thereby enhancing overall SEO strategy.

Key Features:

  • Access comprehensive competitive intelligence covering ranks, ads, keywords, backlinks, and more for the last 14 years.
  • For thorough analysis, gain insights into backlink strategies, ranking history, and top pages.
  • Stay informed about your website’s performance with keyword tracking and receive customized reports.
  • Receive recommendations for profitable keywords and optimize campaigns with suggestions for negative matches.
  • Efficiently organize keywords and keyword groups with unlimited projects and set up alerts for changes.
  • Customize and brand your reports with the white label feature, scheduling them for automated delivery.


  • Basic Plan: $39 monthly, offering unlimited keyword exporting, 5000 tracked keywords, and unlimited historical data.
  • Professional Plan: $79 per month, providing unlimited keyword exporting, 15000 tracked keywords, and 10,000 rows of API access.
  • Team Plan: $299 monthly, including unlimited keyword exporting, tracked keywords, and API access.
  1. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite offers a comprehensive software package with various tools for optimizing websites and building links. It includes Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant, addressing technical issues, on-page optimization, and backlink creation.

Unlike other SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite stands out in several ways. Its Link Assistant feature tracks potential link partners and manages link requests, a feature not found in Ahrefs. Additionally, it integrates with Google Analytics, providing centralized access to data. It also includes a content editor for analyzing content and offering optimization suggestions, from keyword ideas to content improvement strategies.

The Marketing Plan feature aids in creating effective SEO strategies with an SEO checklist, website analysis, and goal setting. Additionally, SE Ranking offers robust social media capabilities for performance analysis and automated posting.

Key features:

  • Monitoring and comparing website and competitors’ keyword rankings across multiple SERPs.
  • Comprehensive on-page optimization analysis with detailed reports on potential SEO issues.
  • Insights into backlinks, including quality, quantity, and discovering new link-building opportunities.
  • Streamlining the link-building process through partner search, link request management, and report generation.
  • Creating and exporting detailed reports on various SEO performance aspects.
  • Supporting multiple languages for global SEO strategies.
  • Facilitating team collaboration by providing access to the software for efficient teamwork on SEO projects.


  • Professional Plan: $299 per year
  • Enterprise Plan: $499 per year
  1. Google Campaign Manager 360

Google Campaign Manager 360

Campaign Manager 360 is a comprehensive ad management and measurement system designed to meet the needs of advertisers and agencies. Its centralized platform streamlines the management of digital campaigns across various websites and mobile platforms.

The system offers a range of robust features, including ad trafficking for uploading creatives, defining targeting criteria, and launching ad campaigns effortlessly. Additionally, Campaign Manager 360 provides extensive reporting capabilities to accurately measure campaign performance and ad placements.

Moreover, its verification feature ensures ad accuracy and quality, allowing users to confirm proper ad serving and achieve desired results. While Campaign Manager 360 primarily focuses on ad management and measurement, it does not directly compete with Similarweb, which offers comprehensive website analytics and competitive intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Set start and end dates for campaigns.
  • Identify landing page destinations.
  • Coordinate impression/click data with event tags.
  • Conduct A/B testing with creative rotation.
  • Create target audiences through audience segmentation.
  • Implement verification settings to prevent ads from appearing in unfavorable places.
  • Exercise control over ad visibility with ad-blocking features.
  • Serve display, video, and rich media ads using shared ad tags.
  • Set up impression and/or click trackers for email newsletters and social media links for channel measurement and attribution.


Google Campaign Manager 360 provides various cost structures for pricing placements, including:

  • CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions)
  • vCPM – Active View (Cost per 1000 viewable impressions – Active View)
  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CPA (Cost per activity)
  • Flat rate – impressions

Flat rate – clicks

  1. Mangools


Mangools presents a comprehensive SEO toolkit, offering an alternative to Similarweb. It encompasses potent functionalities tailored for keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and website examination. KWFinder, a stalwart in keyword research, aids in uncovering unexplored keyword potentials, gauging search volume and difficulty, and pinpointing strategic keywords.

LinkMiner facilitates meticulous backlink scrutiny, assessing both quality and relevance to positively bolster SEO endeavors. For competitor analysis, Mangools’ SiteProfiler facilitates benchmarking against competitors and pinpointing areas that are ripe for enhancement.

Moreover, Mangools furnishes a user-friendly SEO browser extension, granting instant access to crucial metrics while browsing any website, amplifying efficiency through real-time insights. Noteworthy is Mangools’ affordability, ensuring accessibility to businesses and individuals, irrespective of budget constraints.

Key Features:

  • Keyword research tool: Unearth new ideas, evaluate search volume, and analyze keyword difficulty.
  • SERPWatcher: Gain insights into competitor performance and rankings for specific keywords.
  • SiteProfiler: Provide quick overviews of site performance on search engines and against competitors.
  • LinkMiner: Perform comprehensive backlink analysis and evaluation.
  • SERP Volatility tool: Monitor search result fluctuations.
  • SERP Simulator: Optimize website content for specific keywords.


  • Basic Plan: $29.90 per month
  • Premium Plan: $44.90 per month
  • Agency Plan: $89.90 per month

A Comparison Of Similarweb Alternatives

Tools FeaturesPrice
Surfer SEOEvaluate search intent, search volume, and keyword difficulty rapidly.Identify topic clusters to improve content strategy.Discover missing terms and optimize pages accordingly.Analyze top-performing pages and rectify issues.Receive automatic suggestions for internal linking.Basic Plan: $49/monthPro Plan: $99/monthBusiness Plan: $199/monthEnterprise Plan: Custom price 
Moz ProDiscover and monitor keywords with volume, difficulty, and rankings.Conduct site audits to resolve search engine crawling issues.Utilize keyword clustering for improved organization. Receive targeted optimization suggestions.Identify and optimize link opportunities.Upload keywords in bulk using CSV files.Customize reports with drag-and-drop modules and explanatory notes.Standard Plan: $99/mo ($79/mo yearly)Medium Plan: $179/mo ($143/mo yearly)Large Plan: $299/mo ($239/mo yearly)Premium Plan: $599/mo ($479/mo yearly) 
SemrushExplore keywords and assess difficulty using Semrush’s keyword research tool.Resolve website technical issues with Semrush’s site audit tool.Gain insights into backlinks and discover link-building opportunities with Semrush’s backlink analysis tool.Eliminate harmful backlinks with Semrush’s backlink auditor feature.Analyze competition and enhance website performance.Manage social media campaigns with Semrush’s social media toolkit.Pro Plan: $119.95 per monthGuru Plan: $229.95 per monthBusiness Plan: $449.95 per month 14-day free trial available 
AhrefsConduct thorough backlink profile analysis and identify new link-building opportunities.Uncover lucrative keywords for paid and organic search, obtaining accurate traffic estimations and valuable keyword ideas.Track rankings on both mobile and desktop across multiple locations, receiving regular reports on keyword ranking changes.Perform comprehensive website audits to identify SEO issues and enhance website health and performance.Stay informed with alerts for new or lost backlinks, keyword rankings, and web mentions, while identifying highly shared content.Lite Plan: Starts at $99 per monthStandard Plan: Starts at $199 per monthAdvanced Plan: Starts at $399 per monthEnterprise Plan: Starts at $999 per month 
SE RankingTrack keyword rankings and performance.Identify on-page optimization opportunities.Analyze competitor performance and benchmark against them.Monitor and evaluate backlink quality and performance.Conduct comprehensive website audits to identify errors and improve performance.Essential Plan:  $39/monthPro Plan:  $89/monthBusiness Plan:  $189/monthCustom plan available
SerpstatObtain search visibility, traffic, and keyword insights for any website.Compare your site with competitors, track rankings, and identify keyword opportunities.Access a vast database with search volume, difficulty, and competition metrics for keywords. Analyze backlink profile, identify top referring domains, and discover link-building opportunities.Monitor changes in SERP rankings and set up regular ranking reports.Perform a comprehensive site audit to prioritize SEO issues.Lite Plan: $69/monthStandard Plan: $149/monthAdvanced Plan: $299/monthEnterprise Plan: $499/month 
SpyfuMonitor ranks, ads, keywords, and backlinks with a user-friendly competitive intelligence platform.Access backlink strategies, ranking history, and top pages for detailed analysis.Track keywords, receive custom reports, and monitor website performance.Get recommendations for profitable keywords and optimize campaigns with negative match suggestions.Create unlimited projects, organize keywords efficiently, and set up alerts for changes.Basic Plan: $39/monthProfessional Plan: $79/monthTeam Plan: $299/month 
SEO PowersuiteMonitor and compare keyword rankingsConduct comprehensive on-page optimization analysisGain insights into backlinks and discover link-building opportunitiesManage link-building process and handle link requestsGenerate detailed reports on SEO performanceProfessional Plan: $299/YearEnterprise Plan: $499/Year 
Google Campaign Manager 360Segment target audiences effectivelySet up verification settings for ad placement controlServe display, video, and rich media ads with shared add tagsTrack impressions and clicks for email newsletters and social media linksPricing varies based on ad placement
MangoolsExplore keywords and search volume, and analyze difficulty with Mangools’ keyword research tool.Analyze competitor performance and rankings with SERPWatcher.Get an overview of site performance and competitor analysis with SiteProfiler.Audit and evaluate backlinks with LinkMiner for reliability.Monitor search result fluctuations with SERP Volatility.Optimize content with SERP Simulator to simulate search engine results.Basic Plan: $29.90 per monthPremium Plan: $44.90 per monthAgency Plan: $89.90 per month 


In conclusion, if you’re ready to explore digital marketing tools like Similarweb to enhance your online strategies, consider looking into the top three contenders we recommend: Semrush, Surfer SEO, and Ahrefs. Each of these platforms offers a wide range of features and capabilities designed to improve your digital marketing efforts.

However, it’s important to note that there are other options worth considering, such as Moz Pro, Mangools, SpyFu, Serpstat, and more. These alternatives also provide unique advantages that may suit your specific needs and preferences.

Therefore, we encourage you to thoroughly explore these Similarweb competitors. By doing so, you can begin a journey toward digital marketing success. Take the opportunity today to discover the tool that aligns perfectly with your goals, ultimately leading to exceptional results in your online endeavors.


What are the key features to consider when exploring Similarweb alternatives?

The important features to prioritize include comprehensive website analytics, insights into audience demographics, traffic sources, keyword analysis capabilities, competitive benchmarking tools, and SEO insights.

Can I find free alternatives to Similarweb?

Certainly. Google Analytics, SimilarWeb’s free version, and Alexa’s free plan offer basic website analytics functionalities. However, it’s worth noting that these free options may lack the depth and breadth of features compared to paid alternatives.

Which alternatives provide comparable website traffic analytics?

SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Alexa are among the alternatives that offer robust website traffic analytics. These tools provide insights into traffic volume, sources, and audience demographics, allowing for comprehensive analysis.

Are there alternatives that focus specifically on SEO analysis?

Yes. Platforms such as Moz and Serpstat specialize in SEO analysis, offering features like keyword research, backlink analysis, and tools for optimizing website performance.

Are there alternatives tailored specifically for e-commerce businesses?

Yes, platforms like SEMrush and Ahrefs cater to e-commerce businesses by offering analytics tailored to their needs. These features include optimization tools for product pages, competitor product analysis, and tracking market trends.

Which alternatives offer competitive benchmarking capabilities?

SEMrush, Ahrefs, and SpyFu are notable for providing robust competitive benchmarking features. These tools enable users to compare their performance with competitors across various metrics, aiding in strategic decision-making.


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.