There are a lot of tasks you need to perform as you carry out link building for your website. These tasks can take up a lot of time. Today, however, tools can make your work easier. If you’re looking for the best tools to use in 2020 for link building, these 50 come highly recommended.

Raven SEO tool

This is a full SEO tool and since link building is part of SEO, it has features that are great for link building. With the Raven tool, you can get a thorough analysis of almost all links for a domain. You will see the authority for each backlink, the anchor text as well as the type of links. It is a simple to use tool and very efficient.


What’s link building without being able to choose the best blogs to link to? This is the tool you can use to find relevant blogs and then see more information about them, for example, the keywords they are using, who is linking to them and how well they rank.

Moz Link Explorer

Use this tool to see what the competition is up to. With Moz, you can check on the backlinks of your competitor. You can also check if the competition is using black hat tricks to get their ranking.


This is like Moz but it is free. You can use it to identify quality links. It will give you the necessary information for you to decide if a site is worth linking to. You get information like traffic value, page rank as well as directories.


This is the tool with the highest number of bloggers. If you want to start an outreach, start it here by searching for the bloggers and then see if they are authorities in that niche or if they have a good number of followers.

Bad links can greatly affect your ranking. This tool makes it easy to find bad links, list them, and then send them to Google to Disavow.

Backlink Watch!

This is a free tool to keep track of your backlinks. With it, you can know where your backlinks are and which ones are bringing in traffic. It is purely a monitoring tool.

Majestic SEO

Trust flow and citation flow, (TF and CF) are very important measurements when choosing a blog to link to. This is a tool you want to use as you sieve out those that do not have a high trust rating. Remember linking to untrustworthy sites can affect your rating.


BuzzStream is your built-in organizer for outreach campaigns. You can keep track of all your communications with different sites that you would like to link to.

Google Trends

This is the best tool to find trending keywords. You can choose from numerous keywords related to the topic you want to create content about. It also gives you topics for your content.


This is a prospecting tool. Whatever data you want to help you build links, you can use this tool to find it. This is a quick way to get extensive data.


You can use it for so many SEO tasks. You can use it to identify link building opportunities as well as analyze the progress of your efforts. It is also very easy to use.


Rmoov will find all the faulty links on your site that are causing a drop in your ranking. You can then compile a list of the links and remove them.


Using the press is an important aspect of link building. Use this tool to find journalists who are looking for authority sites to quote in their articles. You can get great results by using this tool.


If you’re not already using Alexa, then you have been missing out on important data to guide your backlinks. Alexa gives extensive analysis on links, like how many people clicked on them, demographics of those people and how links affect your ranking among other features.


Use Hubspot to find authority sites to link to. It provides you a detailed analysis of the page’s performance and how helpful it would be to link to the site. You can also use Hubspot for social media links.

Screaming Frog

It provides a detailed backlink audit. It is easy to use with all the information provided on a single screen. You can audit several links in a very short time.


Linkio does most of the decision-making for you so that you are left with the easy stuff. It can choose keywords and then give you the best number of links to have. Once you enter the keywords you want to rank for, it will give you the strategy to succeed.


Emails make up the foundation for outreach campaigns and yet they take up a lot of time. This tool provides you with prewritten messages which you can customize and send to recipients and then monitor responses as well as see who has already opened the email.

Check My Links

Are you worried that some bad links may be affecting your rank? This is a good option to use. It will check all your links and show you the bad ones.

Content Explorer

Content is very important for link building. The content explorer tool helps you create the best content and to find content in your niche.


Simplicity is always appreciated and the makers of this tool went for it all the way. It is an all-in-one SEO tool with powerful features yet it is easy to use no matter what level you are at when it comes to link building.

Outreach Plus

This is an easy to use outreach tool. It helps you search for opportunities for link building and then organizes your outreach with an organized way to monitor responses.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts helps you keep an eye on specific search terms. You simply enter the terms into the tool and it will monitor the internet then send you alerts when those terms are being used.


This will give you the different questions journalists have been asking experts and you can use that information to come up with content that will increase your chances of having quality links to your site when your content gets quoted.


Use this for your outreach projects. It probably can do everything you need for a project. You simply need to input a keyword and it will give you the necessary information to start your outreach.


This is an outreach tool with one of the biggest database of influencers for your outreach. It gives you the chance to organize the results according to particular areas of interest like domain authority and the number of followers on social media.


It is a true assistant. It will search the entire internet for link prospects and present them to you faster than you would have done it manually. It even finds link prospects where you might be reluctant to look.

SEO SpyGlass

Compare your backlinks with those of the competition with in-depth analytics and monitoring. You can find all the links that are directed back to your site and audit them.

Google WebMaster

Get this free tool that will give you analytic data about your site and then offer tips to improve your links. Since it is from Google, you can trust the ideas you get from here will help you improve your ranking.

Monitor Backlinks

For cheaper options to monitor backlinks, this is what you can use. It is also good for beginners since it is easier to use than some of the high-end tools.


With link building, it is important to always know what the competition is up to. Use this tool to get useful information about your competitor.


You can find bloggers in your niche and it gives you a list of influencers who share content from your competition. You can also see how popular particular content is before you create it.


This is an auditing software that will give you important statistics on your backlinks and other SEO strategies. You can find out how you are performing in ranking and what is contributing to your performance.

URL Profiler

Do you need to audit your backlinks quickly? This would be a good option for that. It will give you vital information about your links as well as social metrics. Your optimization will be done in minutes.

Broken Link Builder

Take advantage of broken links to improve your link building. You can search for broken links in content that includes a particular keyword and it will give you plenty of results.

Muck Rack

This is a great tool for PR backlinks. It can monitor which journalists are following you and what they may be interested in so you can offer them more links from your content.

Traffic Travis Pro

This will give you insight into why the competition is doing better than you and you can then adjust how you are going about your link building. This tool can also provide ideas about the best keywords to choose from.

Email Hunter

You can use this tool in your outreach. It will quickly help you find email addresses for websites or blogs that you would want to link to. The tool crawls the website and other sources to find you the contacts.


This tool helps you identify problem links and gives you a rank score so that you can decide what action to take. It can also help find new link opportunities.


Have your content advertised to bloggers. Zemanta presents a list of related links to bloggers and they can choose which they wish to use in their blogs.


Using Boomerang you can schedule outreach emails so that the process is semi-automatic. You can have a more organized outreach program.

URL Opener

Don’t you wish you could open several URLs in one place? Well, that is what this tool will do for you. It is a simple tool that helps you work faster.


If you need to monitor links on different platforms, this is the tool you can use. You will be able to see the performance of all your links as well as identify high-value links.

Microsite Masters

This tool gives the user a comprehensive breakdown of the performance of the different links to and from the site. With that information, you can decide what changes to make.


With this software, you can see what you’re doing right and what you’re not getting right. But it doesn’t stop there, the tool will offer suggestions so that you can improve your link building.

Authority Spy

This is a great deal on a tool that can boost your outreach efforts. It finds influencers within your niche and then makes it easy for you to reach out to them.

Google Sheets

It is a simple tool and yet very effective in helping link builders organize their activities as well as share tasks using Google docs. It is simply a spreadsheet but amazingly handy for link building.


Use this to automate prospect listing. The tool will help you find prospect email addresses and then contact them using template emails. It saves you time and keeps you organized.


There are so many ways to use twitter for link building. You can use it to get backlinks or you could use it for outreach.

In Conclusion

This list contains highly recommended tools that can handle different aspects of link building. Do you see any that should have been included?


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.