Business details come from a variety of sources and are meant to provide customers with the complete and most up-to-date information possible! Google My Business listings make it easier for verified owners to grab the details associated with your business.

Google My Business, in a recent Twitter post, announced that it has updated the Maps app on iOS, allowing managers to edit their business profile.

As Google uses business information to help surface relevant local search results across Google, such as in Google Maps and Search, this new feature update will help business owners in engaging more customers and easily managing their Business profile.

So, while looking up your own listing in Google Maps, if you find anything inaccurate, you can update the information immediately in the Maps app itself, rather than leaving the app and using a mobile browser or the Google My Business app.

It could be anything, from your shift hours to contact details! If there are certain changes which are not reflected in the business listing, this feature will help you edit your info as well as add photos directly from your Business Profile on Google Maps iOS.

If you have any further query, be a part of the discussion forum of Google My Business at Twitter.


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