Black hat days are long gone, so what does this term “black hat SEO” mean, it is an illegal act of wrong practices that violates the terms and conditions of search engines so that your website ranks higher in search engine results. It’s been some time since these events, but people still hesitate to use backlinks in their websites considering them bad. It’s very important to understand that most search engines find the backlinks as symbols of authority.  In this article, I’ll delve deep into how to build a strong group of backlinks so that your website search engine rankings higher up.

One of the most important parts of off-page search engine optimization comes from creating good backlinks. So what backlinks mean in general terms is that links provided in other websites so that they hyperlink to your website and improve your traffic. Therefore you’ve to build good relationships with partner websites so that you can build backlinks. So this is a good inbound marketing strategy that you can build on for long term goals for your business. In this, we’ll focus on how to build quality backlinks so that it benefits your website and not scattering a web of backlinks all over the site.

Few ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your WordPress Site:-

1) Creating a quality infographic

Basically, infographic means to find useful information from an image and it’s an effective way to get links from various other websites that you are not aware of to get your content related to visual at the top of the search engine results.

Most marketers these days don’t have enough time to create infographics of their own, just like research and stats, visuals also take some time to create. Therefore these marketers look for visuals so they can use it on their website, but here is the catch every time they use the visuals they have to backlink the source to the parent website thus the place where your original visual is placed.

Hence you can use the power of infographic and research to create strong quality content that pleases your eyes. So that someone who just writes in a blog, look for a relatable image with their post will find yours and will be bound to backlink the image back to your website, thus improving traffic. Recent statistics say that people who tend to use more infographics have a better growth of their websites than others.

2) Linking to other websites

What’s the best way you can get a favor from someone? Do something that benefits them first, because trust goes hand in hand. You may find this a bit weird if you go on link other websites links on your website and may feet it’s a bit counter-intuitive but trust me when you’re working to build your backlinks on other websites. This will work magically when you ask the other websites to backlink your website after linking theirs.

You will find that most of the time you’ll find that good mutual relationships between two websites paves the way for high-quality backlinks. Thus the way you interact and communicate with other websites will help you to grow your website and increase traffic mutually. Another thing you can do is linking various websites to your newsletter thus after sending emails to your customers many email marketing  companies do the same, it’ll not only improve your ranking in search engine results but also improve email marketing in a great way.

3) Post quality shareable content

Whenever you do through various courses on digital marketing you will find that content marketing holds a huge value in the growth of your website for the long term. Therefore creating quality content will hold value for customers.

You are aware of the fact no one will give you attention to backlink your website if your content on the website lacks quality content. Now you will ask for an equation to write quality day in day out? Isn’t it right just the way you look for in a market. It doesn’t work that way, whatever your topic be related to always write good content, explore the internet, end of the day Google ranks websites higher because of the quality content they serve.

4) Commenting on other WordPress websites

Coming back to the most important aspect of backlinking it is, developing good mutual relationships with other websites, and one of the best ways to kickstart that is by commenting on the other websites of WordPress.You surely will remember the time when you first received a comment on your website, the feeling is really beautiful. Because everyone loves to be appreciated for their work and when someone takes out some time to do that it feels great.

So you can do the same for someone, go out there, check out someone’s website and leave a comment to make them feel special, and leave the link of your website there so that they do the same. Do this effectively just don’t go on copying the same comment on all the websites because good relationships begin on trust and reliability. You will find good results if you go by this approach and help you to build and grow your website exponentially. Therefore you will have good partnerships with other websites for the long term and improve traffic with an increased number of backlinks.

5) Blog on third party sites

One of the best ways to post your best blog posts which not only have quality content but also informative is on other third party sites.

Obviously, these websites will gain more advantages from your posts but an increase in traffic will go hand in hand. Since your posts on third party sites will have your backlink to your website. Thus it’s a win-win situation.

Wrapping UP

One thing you need to understand is that building a backlink for your website is a marketing strategy that will benefit you in days to come, and is not a short term remedy for improving traffic to your website. As you have already understood by now that developing good backlinks on your website will pave the way for higher ranking in search engine results.

You have to be a tad bit patient if you want to successfully grow your website and improve the traffic. Building backlinks is not a short time solution but surely will benefit you in the years to follow. If you can stay put for some time your website will greatly improve on SEO and growth. Black hat SEO did leave a bad mark in the visage of history but those days are gone as marketers highly focus on the use of backlinks to improve traffic and growth of their websites. Good constructive backlinks throw light on the credibility of your website thus people will feel safe to link back your website to their sites.


Gaurav Saraswat serve as a Seo executive at leading WordPress Development Company Techno Softwares, In which we focus on inbound marketing strategy. Also, I’m a content writer.