De an announcement that it will offer $340 million in Google Ads credits to SMBs as a part of its $800 million effort to support companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, they updated their help page to offer some more details related to the ad credits program.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

Earlier, Google had stated that small and medium-sized companies would be eligible provided they had been spending on Google Ads since the start of 2019 and followed Google Ads policies. Google has now mentioned that the advertisers will have to spend with a Google Ads account either directly or via a partner in 10 out of 12 months in 2019 and in either January or February of this year. The credits will go to those small and medium-sized companies which have advertised consistently before the coronavirus reached the status of a pandemic.

When Will The Credits Be Rolled Out?

The credits will be released in phases, starting from late May. Eligible advertisers will be offered one ad credit allocation. The credits can then be utilized throughout 2020 on different Google Ads channels like Search, YouTube, Display and campaign type. As Google had announced earlier, advertisers will receive a notification and will be able to view the ad credits appear automatically in their accounts. No action can be taken to be considered eligible. Advertisers can utilize the ad credits for future advertising until December 31, 2020.

One Credit For Each Customer

You won’t receive multiple credits just because you run ads in multiple accounts or running different campaigns in your accounts. Each customer will be considered eligible for one credit.

What Will Be The Size of Ad Credit?

Google hasn’t offered any specific detail. However, the size of the ad credit will differ based on past spend and where the account was exactly set up. It is a global program, and credits will be offered as per the currency of Google Ads account.

Why Is It Important?

Numerous small and medium-sized businesses have been adversely affected during the ongoing crisis. The ad credit program will help active advertisers to promote their businesses in the second half of 2020 across different Google channels.


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