Kiran Pichai is a young teenager. He is 14-years-old and has big dreams. Born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India in 2007, Kiran Pichai is now living in America with his parents. He was born in an influential family as his father is the CEO of Google since 10th August 2015.

Ever heard of a child being aware of Ethereum and not paper money? Perhaps there is only one child who understands the nuances of cryptocurrency and that’s CEO of Google Sundar Pichai’s son.  Kiran Pichai wishes to follow his father’s footprints in the near future. The little boy is concentrating on his studies as of now.

NameKiran Pichai
Place of BirthUS
Age (2022)15 years
FatherSundar Pichai, CEO Alphabet
MotherAnjali Pichai
SisterKavya Pichai
Paternal GrandfatherRegunatha Pichai
Paternal GrandmotherLakshmi Pichai
EducationSecondary School
HobbiesReading, Playing Chess
HomeMountain View, California

Want to know more about Kiran Pichai and his family and current age? Keep reading to find out.  

Few Interesting Facts of Kiran Pichai

  • Kiran Pichai is the son of Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai
  • He is 15 years old (as of 2022)
  • Kiran is studying in Secondary School in the US
  • Kiran Pichai mother is Anjali Pichai
  • His Sister is Kavya Pichai
  • He currently lives in California, US
  • His father Sundar Pichai has been awarded Padma Bhushan by the Government of India

Kiran Pichai’s Family

Kiran Pichai has a compact yet solid family consisting of his mother, father, sister, grandmother, and grandfather.

Kiran Pichai’s

Anjali Pichai is the mother and Sundar Pichai is the father of Kiran Pichai. Sundar Pichai is an Indian-American businessman. He is also the CEO of Google and Alphabet. Kiran has a sister named, ‘Kavya Pichai’, and his grandmother is Lakshmi and Regunatha Pichai is his grandfather.

All You Need to Know about Kiran Pichai’s Father

Sundar Pichai’s actual name is Sundarajan Pichai. He completed his schooling at Chennai’s Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Sundar completed his 12th grade from Vani School which is in IIT Madras. He got his degree in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.

Sundar Pichai has an M.S. degree from the famous Stanford University. The Materials Science and Engineering degree was never enough, so he went ahead and got an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sundar Pichai’s Google journey started in 2004. He was leading the product management and innovation efforts of the client software products at Google. In 2015, Pichai became Google’s CEO. All this was due to his time, efforts, and hardwork.

On October 24, 2015, Alphabet was formed and he stepped in to claim a new position. In 2017, he became a part of Alphabet. The high point was when Pichai’s name was mentioned in 100 most influential persons in the year ‘16 and ‘20.

Sundar was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in 1972. His birthday falls on July 12. 10th August, 2015 was an auspicious day for him as he became the CEO of Google.

Everyone knows his name and the struggles he has faced in the journey towards success.

Kiran Pichai Father Success and Hard Work

Sundar Pichai became CEO of Google on August 10, 2015. However, he took the position on October 2. The company has reached new heights ever since Pichai entered the scene. The stock price of the company has risen by at least 76 percent.

He came from a humble background but his hard work has helped him reach where he is. Due to Sundar Pichai’s hard work, his son and daughter got a life that their father could only dream of when he was growing up in Madurai.

Sundar Pichai Success

Sundar’s work experience and degrees helped him to fetch top clients and work in different companies. In 2011, he also made the public debut of the OS book (Chrome). In 2013, Pichai became Android OS leader.

Are you aware that he was also one of the competitors for the CEO position at Microsoft? This was way back in 2014 before Google came into the picture. However, the position was granted to Satya Nadella.

In 2017, Sundar Pichai was a key speaker at China’s World Internet Conference. He talked about how Google works towards the betterment of Chinese companies.

Kiran Pichai Education

Kiran Pichai is busy with school and intends to do something as meaningful and lucrative as his father. Since he belongs to a wealthy family, there is no pressure as of now. Kiran is only focusing on his studies and living a regular teenage life.

Kiran Pichai Interests

Just like any other teenager, Kiran likes to play football and he is also fond of cricket. Kiran is fond of reading books and playing chess.

Kiran Pichai Siblings

Kiran Pichai has a sister named, ‘Kavya Pichai.’

Kiran Pichai

Sundar Pichai and Anjali Pichai hail from India and both are raising a daughter and a son in the U.S.

Sundar Pichai Family

Is Kiran Pichai’s Mother Indian?

Yes. Kiran Pichai’s mother is an Indian. She completed her Chemical Engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. This is where she met Sundar Pichai and sparks flew.

Kiran Pichai Mother’s Workplace

Anjali Pichai is a working mother. She works at Intuit, a software company. Her job role is as a Business Operations Manager.

Summing up

Kiran Pichai belongs to a wealthy family. Although Sundar Pichai leads a busy life, he tries to take out time for his kids Kiran and Kavya.

Anjali Pichai is a loving mother and she balances  both work and personal life. They are a happy family and Kiran Pichai has miles to go to become a reflection of his father.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Kiran Pichai born?

Kiran Pichai was born in 2007 in the US. As of 2022, he is 15 years old.

Why is Kiran Pichai famous?

Kiran Pichai is famous as he is the son of the Indian American CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai.

Who is Kiran Pichai’s mother?

Anjali Pichai is Kiran Pichai’s mother. She did her Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. She was born and raised in Kota, Rajasthan.

Does Kiran Pichai have a sibling?

He has an elder sister, Kavya Pichai born in 2003. Her nationality is American.


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