Google Shopping has rolled out a beta test noting ‘’curbside pickup’’ for helping brick-and-mortar retailers offer options for customers during COVID-19. The update was released for assisting local businesses to try to move inventory during COVID-19-a curbside pickup indicator.

How does the Curbside Pickup Indicator Look Like?

This feature is available for sellers who utilize local inventory ads on Google Shopping. It can appear in black letters above the picture of the product.

What Is The Eligibility For Running The Feature?

This feature at present is available in beta, and only for advertisers who have done onboarding for store pickup and at present are running local inventory ads. This group comprises entrepreneurs who run on a Google Hosted Local Storefront or Merchant Hosted Local Storefront. The details of these features and experiences are available here.

Curbside Pickups Alerts Are Available Without Local Ads

In case a business isn’t running local inventory ads, they can utilize their Google Business Profile to inform about their pickup and delivery options.

Meaning of Local Inventory Ads

Local Inventory Ads are a feature meant specifically for offline retailers on Google Shopping. Businesses can enable this option by accessing qualifications for the program in their Merchant Center account.

They will then create a supplement product feed, as they would for a usual Google Shopping feed. There are a few differences in the feed specifications for local inventory, such as store code and quantity for a specific item.

After the feeds have been uploaded, merchants can design contact for Google to work with and manage the inventory verification. The process lets Google confirm whether have an in-store inventory you are claiming in the feeds which have been submitted.


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