Your website is doing a good job, breath-taking results must have become a big deal for you.

But, what if all of the website traffic declines overnight?

There is just one reason behind- Changes in the Google algorithm.

Certainly, it is essential to know Google more than you know it now. Google updates its algorithm frequently, even last year, it has given approximately 3000 changes.  

With 20 year records as a search engine and two trillion searches every year, google algorithm update is not a surprise!!

2020 has noticed a publication of Google Core Updates.  Have you heard this term before? No!! That’s fine!! There are many like you on the list who are not aware of the same.  We will let you know about its general definition later in this article.

Getting back to the point- Yes, Google core updates is the new thing that Google is now interested in!!

Google Core Updates are known for making extensive and significant changes in search systems and algorithms.  Several updates are there that go overlooked but Core updates cannot hold this capacity. Usually, everyone got aware of its effects on the search results. Its a main concern for those who have hired SEO services for their website.

Hence, there is a need to care about this. Google market share in terms of searches is unbelievable- it is 70%+ of all searches carried out.  Surely, there are billions of queries explored every day and despite other platforms, Google is always a king.

Hence, it is important to find out the changes in Google on a regular basis. Especially, when, Google makes a critical major system and updates the algorithm- known as “Core Updates”.

It is essential to know the influence of these changes to your website- even if you have an eCommerce store, a business, and some valuable blogs. The other big reason is that in this competitive world, you need to be on the top.

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Google Core Update Defined

Earn your website ranking with the below tips

Analyze the Google Search Console data

Examine Google’s quality rater guidelines

Review the Google Analytics data

Evaluate the current content

Content and quality


Production and Presentation


Carry out the competitor research

Create the robust backlink profile

Go for Google’s free Webmaster Academy Course

Get a digital marketing specialist who can manage an audit for you

Wrapping Up

Google Core Update Defined

The Google Core Updates exists when Google introduces some broad changes in the search engine system and algorithm. The aim of these updates is to enhance the experiences of searches and offer more trustworthy, useful and relevant content.

In general, the core updates carry out many times in a year with Google confirmation. Google declares about the updates on the day of or a few days before, as some of the updates might take some days to appear.

Even though these updates are vital to appear, but, they affect the website. Many fail to have an idea of what is making it happen. There are two signs that make it apparent that Google Core Update has hit your website, find out below:

  • First and foremost, the website ranking. Your website ranking in SERPs gives you the impression that if these updates have hurt or helped your website. Make sure to examine the ranking for many days before concluding anything.
  • Second, is the drop in organic traffic. Lookout and know if the Google core update has affected the traffic or not. Chances that there could be a decline because the first five positions in Google pretends 68% of every click.

So, are you experiencing the above-mentioned situations? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here, in this article, we will present to you the different ways to get back the website position. Let’s get started!!

Earn Your Website Ranking With the Below Tips

Analyze the Google Search Console Data

Data is important- instead of wasting your time on trying new things, get to know what on your website is working and what not. It allows you to execute the notable changes in your website. Google has Google Search Console tool, that gives you significant details such as:

  • Which phrases or keywords in your website are ranking?
  • What is the proportion of search impressions you are getting?
  • What is the click receivable rate? Which phrases are included?
  • Showcases the trend of sixteen months.
  • Know if your website is proffered to Google or has some errors.

From here, you can find out what most of the readers are searching for and what is making them visit your website. You might have a look at instant reports to find out the vital changes, such as:

  • The rank positions of keywords for the last three months or at the same time as the last year.
  • The percent change of Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Total changes in search impressions.
  • The search impressions for the chosen country or keyword.

Examine Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines

It is advised to read the Google search quality rater guidelines. The guidelines feature what Google expects and wants from the website. Also, most importantly, it shows how Google scans for E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Do not forget to take the notes while reviewing the guidelines and implement what you have learned in the further step.

Review the Google Analytics Data

To have a vision of the website traffic, you should use Google Analytics. There are some fundamentals that you should take into consideration the extensive data:

  • How many visitors usually visit your website?
  • What is the current location (city)?
  • Which way they have followed to visit you- Social Media, Organic Search, Advertising, etc.
  • Which handheld device are they using?
  • Which web pages do they usually visit? How much time do they spend on those pages?

In addition to the above, you can have an idea of whether the traffic has increased or decreased after the Google Core Updates. For that, you can compare the traffic of the current time to the last year and find out if there is any change in the average monthly traffic.

With this information, you can have an extensive amount of data with history even. You can check the top pages, ranking keywords, the visitor’s sources, etc. Then, you can make a comparison on all these on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to know how and what is changing.  

With this data, you can make notable decisions on what requires to be  removed, improved, or changed to improve the website performance.

Evaluate the Current Content

As per your website size, you can have an insight into the most relevant pages; also, you might look at the website content. If you examine that the core updates only have affected some of the content, then, find the content that has got affected. The recommendation of Google is to keep these four questions intact:

Content and Quality

  • Know if the content is original?
  • Is the content providing the details more than required?
  • Find out if the headline is helpful or descriptive?
  • Will you share or bookmark the page?


  • Find out if your content contains descriptive errors?
  • Are you trusting the decisions related to your life and money?
  • Is your content written by the enthusiast or expert?

Production and Presentation

  • Does your content have any spelling mistakes?
  • Does your content contain more ads?
  • Is your content mobile-ready?
  • Is the content appearance poor?


  • Does your content have the actual value when linked to related pages?
  • Does your content hold the capacity to gain the webmaster or visitor interest?

After accessing the above content and acknowledging the questions, here comes the time to improve the content. To have the productive process integrate the audited pages and categorize them from most to least important.

Carry Out the Competitor Research

The free and quick way to carry out the competitor research is with the data you have discovered in the Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Choose some phrase or keyword; do not use your website name and business, and then type them in Google and know what appears. Google search engine results page (SERP) displays almost 16 different kinds of information. Some of the vital information is:

  • Featured Snippets
  • Adwords
  • Image Packs
  • Related Questions
  • Knowledge Areas
  • Video Results
  • Shopping Results

It allows you to find out:

  • The number of companies you are competing with
  • Which page or content is making them rank higher?
  • Is everything; like, reviews, videos of the shopping item of their web page visible?
  • What about the ‘Questions People Ask’ box? What is it showing?

Create the Robust Backlink Profile

The links are the most influential ranking factor when it is about Google.  So, it is recommended to look after the websites that are linking to the website or to the backlink profile with the Ahrefs.  The aim of linking the website to you is to share the best content.

Evaluating and updating the content can give you more high-quality website links.  Google considers these links as the vote of confidence. If some other website is endorsing your website, then it completely means that Google knows that the written content is trustworthy and relevant.  It shows more influence when some leading and high-quality website, such as a government website, well-known news site and industry-leading blog gets linked with your website.

Go for Google’s Free Webmaster Academy Course

Google provides some free tools and resources to understand the tools and resources to manage the best website that has important content and can be easily discovered. The course must include the below topics:

  • Guidelines to support Google find rank and index your website.
  • Discover how Google crawls, indexes and assists your website to users
  • A 5-step mobile checklist
  • Discover how SEO works, enhance site structure, optimize content, deal with crawlers, promote content, and examine the website traffic.

Get a Digital Marketing Specialist Who Can Manage an Audit for You

Now, there may be tens of thousands of people working on the next step in preparation for lifting COVID restrictions. Therefore, for many people, the focus is on all opportunities to get jobs, saving businesses, protect ads, or regaine online sales.

Entering the research field directly may be a missed opportunity, and you can move back and examine your website to know its performance, particularly if you own some business or have ties with others to get an extra income.

We recommend you to hire a digital marketing specialist who has all those skills where you lack. Typically, they are proficient in all those aspects that you might be missing and play an important part in getting profitable results. The expert could be able to:

  • Carry out an absolute examination of your data.
  • Review the actual issues with the website.
  • Analyze the competitors.
  • Perform phrases and keyword research.
  • Recognize the latest content topic opportunities.
  • Build a step by step system to execute and scale the performance of all changes performed.

Wrapping Up

Don’t be late!! Start the process of recovering your website from the Google core update. You must know that Search Engine Optimization takes time, hence you cannot wait to improve from any of the updates.  

Review the Google standards, examine the content, boost the performance, and attract the links to it. Do it now!! Do not let your website get more leads, traffic, and revenue!!

We hope you liked this article. If you have some queries and suggestions then, let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!


Morris Edwards is a web developer & marketing strategist who works with Awebstar, a top digital marketing company in Singapore. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & internet marketing. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to get his new articles and updates instantly.