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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s John Mueller Says Incremental Improvements May Not Impact Rankings

In a recent episode of Google’s Search Off the Record podcast, John Mueller highlighted a common issue among site owners—an over-fixation of metrics. Often, site owners become obsessed with achieving certain numbers or reaching higher metrics states. This obsession leads them to spend months working on improving these metrics, believing that it will directly impact their search rankings. However, Mueller points out that many of these incremental changes may not be clearly visible in search results.

Google Explains Why Some Image Thumbnails Have Disappeared From the Search Results

In a recent statement, Google’s John Mueller has shed some light on the issue of disappearing image thumbnails in search results. According to Mueller, the matter has been brought to the attention of Google’s team, which has been actively investigating the reports. However, it should be noted that Google does not provide a guarantee that images will always be displayed alongside search results. Therefore, there may be instances where certain results are shown without their corresponding thumbnails. This explanation offers some insight into the occasional absence of image thumbnails in Google’s search results.

Google’s John Mueller Answers If Different Content Based On Country Affects SEO

Google’s John Mueller addressed the question of whether different content based on country affects SEO. He explained that Google typically crawls from one location, and that location’s content is used for search. Therefore, if you want specific content to be indexed, it is crucial to ensure that it is visible in that particular location or globally. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the website owner to determine how their content should be displayed and optimized for search engines. This response emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the desired content is accessible and visible to both users and search engines.

Google’s Search Liaison Offers Advice For Those Affected By HCU

Google’s Search Liaison tweeted about the changes in the helpful content system. In the past, there was a single signal or system used to identify reliable information. However, this approach has been enhanced now. Google’s core ranking systems have been updated to provide more helpful results by utilizing various innovative signals and approaches. This means that there are multiple systems in place to identify reliable information. To further explain this change, Google has added a new FAQ page. This page can help users understand the new ranking system and how it affects search results.

Google Adds 3D Models in Merchant Product Structured Data

Google added a new 3DModel markup type to the Product structured data type. This latest addition allows merchants to connect the two by using the subjectOf property. The reason behind Google’s decision to make the 3DModel Type official is that 3D models are becoming increasingly popular on product web pages. This update gives merchants a way to add relevant information about the 3D model that is associated with a product on their product pages. While the 3DModel structured data can be used as a rich result, it is not far-fetched to imagine that merchant listings or regular SERPs may one day have a rich result associated with 3D representations of products. 

Google’s John Mueller Answers Whether About Us & Contact Pages are Important

Google’s John Mueller unexpectedly answered the question of whether About Us and Contact pages are important for websites. While he acknowledges that there may be valid reasons for some sites to have these pages, he emphasizes that there is no evidence in Google’s search developer documentation that suggests they are necessary. This statement has sparked a discussion among website owners and SEO professionals, as many have long believed that having About Us and Contact pages can positively impact search engine rankings and user experience.

Google Announces New Features for Shopping & Maps Search

Google unveiled several new shopping and maps/local features, many of which harness the power of AI, a technology that Google is known for championing. Among these innovative features are AI-generated reviews that provide users with quick and easily digestible information. Additionally, users can now enjoy a swipe left/right shopping experience, allowing for effortless browsing and discovery of products. The integration of AI also extends to product recommendations, where users can receive personalized suggestions based on their preferences. Moreover, Google now offers local trip ideas and recommendation lists for locations, making it easier for users to plan their outings and explore new places.

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan on Should Small Service Businesses Start A Website & A Blog

In response to the question of whether small service businesses should start a website and a blog, Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, provides some valuable insights. While businesses without a website or blog can rank in Google, Sullivan still recommends having at least a basic site. This is because having an online presence can greatly benefit a business by increasing its visibility and accessibility to potential customers. As for blogging, Sullivan suggests that it can be beneficial if the business has something unique and interesting to say. Suppose the content is valuable and relevant to the existing customers. In that case, blogging can help establish the business as an authority in its niche and provide useful information to its audience.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

YouTube Warns Creators That Deleting Videos Can Harm a Channel Growth

In a public service announcement on Twitter, Todd Beaupre, YouTube’s Product Lead for homepage and recommendation, emphasized the importance of content creators being cautious when it comes to deleting videos from their channels. Beaupre advised YouTubers to refrain from deleting videos unless they have a very compelling reason to do so. This is because deleting a video also means severing the connection between the channel and the audience that had watched that video. In order to maximize growth and maintain a strong connection with their audience, content creators are encouraged to keep their videos public or unlist them if necessary.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Updates Definition of Top Ads in Search Results

Google made an update to its definition of top ads in search results, expanding the possibility for ads to appear below the top organic results for certain queries. This change provides advertisers with more flexibility in their ad placement strategy and allows them to reach a wider audience. To help advertisers monitor their ad performance, Google has introduced top and absolute top metrics. These metrics offer valuable insights into ad placement on the search results page, allowing advertisers to make informed decisions about bid targets, budget limitations, and how to improve their Ad Rank. 

Google Ads Rolls Out a New Feature to Share Ad Preview For Performance Max

Google introduced a convenient feature within Google Ads that allows users to share ad campaigns for Performance Max campaigns. What sets this new feature apart is that it eliminates the requirement for the recipient to have a Google Ads account. This is made possible through the implementation of a Share Ad Preview button, which grants users the ability to easily share campaigns with others, regardless of whether they have a Google Ads account or not. This development is expected to enhance collaboration and simplify the process of sharing ad campaigns, making it more accessible and user-friendly for advertisers and marketers alike.


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