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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s John Mueller Shares Insights on Regaining Website Visibility After Core Updates

In a recent discussion, Google’s John Mueller offered valuable insights into the process of regaining website visibility after core updates. According to Mueller, the reassessment of certain aspects can take a significant amount of time, sometimes even months. Additionally, some larger effects may require another update cycle to be fully addressed. He emphasizes that each situation is unique, and generalizations cannot provide accurate guidance. In some cases, it may require extensive work on the website, a significant amount of time, and subsequent updates to regain lost rankings and visibility. It is important to note that making improvements does not guarantee immediate recovery.

Google Announces the Removal of the Manual Submissions Option for Google News

Google made a significant change in its policy by removing the documentation on manually adding publications for review to be included in Google News. This decision was announced through new documentation, which stated that publishers would no longer have the option to add their sites for consideration manually. However, it is important to note that existing publishers will still have access to customization features for the time being. Unfortunately, even these customization features will be removed in the near future.

Google Updates Ranking Drop Documentation

Google’s updated guidance on debugging ranking drops introduces several important changes. It encourages webmasters to look beyond traffic drops and consider other factors like security or spam issues and technical issues. The guidance also provides valuable insights on how to adapt to algorithmic changes and emphasizes the significance of addressing even trivial changes. By following these guidelines, website owners can effectively diagnose and resolve issues that may be impacting their rankings.

Microsoft Fixes a Bug with Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft addressed and resolved a bug in Bing Webmaster Tools that was causing inaccurate and irrelevant notifications to appear in the notifications and insights section. This bug fix is a significant improvement for webmasters who rely on these tools to monitor their websites’ performance. The notifications and insights section provides valuable information about website indexing, crawling, and other important metrics. With this bug fixed, webmasters can now trust that the notifications they receive are accurate and relevant, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize their websites effectively.

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, Says that Google will Add Site Reputation Abuse to the Spam Reporting Tool

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, revealed that Google is planning to incorporate site reputation abuse into its spam reporting tool. This move aims to combat the growing issue of websites manipulating their reputation to gain an unfair advantage in search rankings. With this addition to the spam reporting tool, users will have the ability to report instances of site reputation abuse, helping Google identify and penalize websites that engage in such tactics. By taking proactive measures like this, Google is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the integrity of its search results and ensuring a fair playing field for all websites.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Launches Performance Max for Marketplaces

Google introduced a new advertising program called Performance Max for Marketplaces. This program aims to simplify the process for sellers on popular e-commerce platforms to showcase their products across Google’s various advertising channels. The main advantage of this program is that sellers are no longer required to have a website or a Google Merchant Center account in order to get started. This opens up opportunities for a wider range of sellers, especially those who may not have the resources or technical expertise to create their websites. With Performance Max for Marketplaces, sellers can leverage Google’s advertising channels to reach a larger audience and increase their visibility in the digital marketplace.

Google Ads Will Automatically Pause Low-Activity Keywords Starting in June

Google is implementing a new feature that will automatically pause low-activity keywords in search ad campaigns. Advertisers have received emails notifying them of this upcoming change, which aims to improve the efficiency of their campaigns. According to the email, positive keywords that have not generated any impressions in over a year will be considered low-activity. By pausing these underperforming keywords, advertisers can focus their efforts and resources on more valuable and effective keywords. This change will help streamline ad accounts and ensure that advertisers are maximizing their return on investment by targeting the most relevant and successful keywords.

Google Ads Announces a Series of Updates for Performance Max Campaigns

Google Ads unveiled a range of updates for Performance Max campaigns aimed at providing advertisers with greater control and improved insights for their campaigns. These enhancements are designed to empower advertisers to optimize their advertising strategies and achieve better results. With these updates, advertisers can now have more granular control over their campaigns, allowing them to fine-tune their targeting and messaging to reach their desired audience more effectively. Additionally, these updates enable advertisers to gain deeper customer insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and tailor their campaigns accordingly. Moreover, the updated features also facilitate better management of budgets, allowing advertisers to allocate their resources more efficiently and maximize their return on investment.

Microsoft Announces the Availability of Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform

Microsoft announced the availability of Copilot on the Microsoft Advertising platform. This development is significant as it means that advertisers can now leverage the power of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI, within the advertising platform. Copilot brings a range of capabilities to the table, including natural language conversational chat, asset recommendations, and image asset creation. With Copilot integrated into the Microsoft Advertising platform, advertisers can enhance their advertising campaigns with more personalized and engaging experiences for their target audience.


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