Google announced that it is rolling out signed exchanges, an emerging new feature of the web, in Google search’s AMP web results.

There is nothing to deny that AMP makes it easy to create great experiences on the web by driving its own version of the page, limited to the most basic (and fastest) web technologies.

With this new feature, the publisher’s domain will be displayed when the content is instantly loaded via Google Search.

Google Adds Signed Exchanges To AMP Pages


Signed exchange is a technology which enables publishers to safely make their content portable, while still keeping the content’s integrity and attribution.

In other words, it is a file format, defined in the web packaging specification, that allows the browser to trust a document as if it belongs to your origin.

“This is available in browsers that support the necessary web platform feature—as of the time of writing, Google Chrome—and availability will expand to include other browsers as they gain support.” says Google.


Since the URLs in browser address bars begin with, as a consequence of being shown in the Google AMP Viewer, Google Search supports signed exchange will provide a solution that shows the content’s original URL while still retaining AMP’s instant loading.

Google Adds Signed Exchanges To AMP Pages!

Google also stated that, as a publisher, you will need to publish both the signed exchange version of the content in addition to the non-signed exchange version.


To implement signed exchanges in your own serving infrastructure, follow the guide “Serve AMP using Signed Exchanges” available at

If you use a CDN provider, ask them if they can provide AMP signed exchanges. Cloudflare has recently announced that it is offering signed exchanges to all of its customers free of charge.

For any further query, visit the webmaster community.


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