An update to Google My Business will now display the exact search queries used to look for a business listing. Search queries display to you queries used to look for your business on Google. The data will appear on the Insights tab, which tracks the most widely used terms and search trends for a specific business. You can find the common terms and search trends related to your business on this tab. Search queries concentrate on the terms used by your customers to search your business on Maps and Local Search.

Google Reveals Which Search Queries are Used for Finding a Google My Business Listing

Google has declared that it won’t track each specific term to look for a business listing. Rather it will focus only on the terms which are utilized most often. They stated, “Search queries focus on the terms that your customers used to find your business on Local Search and Maps.”

Users can see search queries utilized within last 7-28 days. Google aims to launch this feature for all users, though it is yet to do so. Some users are able to view search queries data in Insights Tab while others fail to do so. Google is working to make the feature accessible for everybody and will inform users once it is fully launched.


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