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Content Marketing

What Most Companies Get Wrong About Content Strategy (And How To Fix It) [Rose-Colored Glasses]

One of the best investments you can make in your company is content marketing. Unfortunately, far too many companies make mistakes. They become very pushy. Or they disregard SEO. Today, Robert Rose will take you through the top content strategy blunders that cost companies tens of thousands of dollars every year. He will also offer you a thorough description of each of these errors, along with the precise steps we take to avoid them all and increase the ROI of your content marketing efforts.

Brand Awareness: how to increase it through content marketing

One of the most effective strategies for attracting new clients and increasing targeted traffic is content marketing, which is still going strong in 2022. In fact, it seems like new tactics are developed every year, enabling more content creators to produce more interesting and captivating material. But among the many advantages of content marketing, traffic generation is just one. Content creation can help to emerge, and new brands establish themselves. Brand awareness is the topic at hand. This post by Elisabetta Severoni will tell you how to use content marketing to increase brand awareness and possibly even draw in new clients. 


How We Increased Revenue with Speed Optimization [Local SEO Case Study]

Even for a tiny local client, there are a few critical situations when local SEOs should take speed optimization seriously. After all, the problems associated with having a slow website, such as greater bounce rates, poorer conversions, and worst of all, a bad user experience, still affect these customers.

There are numerous situations in which speed optimization is a sensible next step in your SEO plan. Speed problems may be to blame if your customer has outstanding content and solid links but low engagement or rankings. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at this post by Amanda Jordan and learn about the experience she had with speed optimization to increase revenue.

How to Complete a Technical SEO Audit in 8 Steps

Whether we’ve been SEOs for a few days or many years, we’ve all been there: staring at a website while being aware that there are problems hindering its performance and preventing it from the top of search engine results pages. You can already see a few adjustments that need to be addressed by simply looking at the website: Perhaps the homepage’s title tag violates SEO best practices, or the navigation appears to require two hands to use.

It’s difficult to perform a technical SEO audit since it involves many moving puzzle pieces. When you first encounter an audit, it could feel like there is simply too much to do. This comprehensive guide by Jenny Abouobaia is here to help you understand the eight steps to complete a technical SEO audit. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading already!

SEO basics: What is content pruning?

If you own a website or blog, you undoubtedly consider new content ideas frequently. But did you realize that concentrating on your current content is as crucial? It’s not helpful for your business or Google if your website has a lot of underwhelming articles or pages.

Did you know that thin, stale, or similar content might make your website rank lower in search results? You can stop this from happening by using a technique called content trimming. Let’s have a look at this post by Willemien Hallebeek and learn more about what is content pruning.

Social Media

How to Save Social Media Content for a Marketing Swipe File

Want to save posts, adverts, or comments made by rivals on social media so you may check them out later? Are you wondering how to make a social media swipe file the best way possible? This post by Anna Sonnenberg will teach you how to store social media marketing content for a swipe file so you can more quickly go back and tweak successful posts. 

Social Media Basics: A Checklist Every Marketer Needs

Managing a brand’s social presence can be overwhelming, whether you’re an experienced or novice social media manager. The pressure is on since you are responsible for every post and every interaction with potential customers. Using a social media checklist is one method to ease that and make sure you’re on top of your game. The tasks that a social media manager must complete on a daily and monthly basis are covered in this article by Martina Bretous.

Email Marketing

Email automation definition, benefits, and best tools

What could be better than being able to reach clients wherever they are? Wherever they are, get in touch with them at the appropriate time. You’ll find the most efficient way to forge lasting relationships with your customers when you add personalization to this mix. One advantage of email automation is this. Automated emails are a great way to give clients a customized experience based on information about their activities or behavior. You will be able to save a tonne of time for other activities because you won’t have to manually mail each email. In this post by Beatrice Stefanescu, you will get to know how to utilize email automation, demonstrate how it works, and provide you with the tools you need to use it effectively.

The Best Way to Optimize Content Promotion Email Marketing

One of the best methods for promoting content is email marketing, which is still in use today. As digital marketing consultants, we think email marketing can increase the reach, interest, and impact of your content. Email newsletters are considered the best strategy by both B2B and B2C marketers to cultivate audiences and secure leads. Consider using email marketing if you want to grow a following and advertise your content. Let’s explore this post by, and know-how emails can support your content promotion efforts.

Link Building

9 Easy Ways To Build High-Quality .gov Backlinks

As you are, aware,.gov backlinks are among the most sought-after and likely the most challenging to acquire. Government websites don’t just link to anything, after all. The efficiency backlinks is still a topic of discussion among SEO experts because Google hasn’t provided a conclusive statement regarding their strength.

However, everyone is aware that government websites have the authority, credibility, and domain age that make them powerful. Getting a backlink from the domain would undoubtedly be fantastic for your website’s authority and search engine rankings. Therefore, read this post by Romain Brabant link building techniques if you want to links.


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