At a thread at Web Master World, it came in the limelight that Google will no longer accept AdWords ads that are basically used for promoting the sale of “ephedra” or “ephedrine” based products. Ephedra or ephedrine based products have medical problems and it is illegal to sell them in the US. They are banned in the US a few years back as it misused by people for dieting and/or bodybuilding. But, both the products can be easily purchased from a local chemist shop but in small quantities. Moreover, there are some federal court ruling that has put the ban on “hold.”

The new decision made by Google will become active in the coming weeks. Google is sending e-mails to clients who might be affected by the change. The e-mails are sent by Google as an AdWords Advertiser to notify them about the upcoming changes. There are many products available in the market that are enriched with Ephedra or ephedrine ingredients and are sold openly through different web site.

This is a very good step taken by Google. People depend on the net to know about anything. Diet conscious or body builders look for this cheap products. Now pharmaceutical keywords will have to face some new challenges in the online market.


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