Facebook is executing new requirements for individuals who manage pages which have a large US-based audience. From now on, people managing these pages will have to undergo an authorization process before they can continue making posts. By doing so, Facebook intends to make it more difficult for individuals with a fake or compromised account to administer a page. Authorization will ask people managing such pages to secure their account with a two-factor authentification. They will also need to affirm their primary country location.

In case a page manager needs authorization, they will get a notification on the top of their News Feed to start off the process. The authorization process will take a few minutes to be done. If you don’t finish the process you won’t be able to see the post on your page. Facebook has stated that enforcement will be done soon.

Facebook Alters Requirements For Pages With Large American Audience

People will also start viewing more information on Info and Ads section of pages.

  • From now on, Facebook will show when a page is merged with another page under Page History.
  • Facebook is also introducing a section called People Who Manage Their Page. This will show the primary country locations from where the pages are managed, first appearing on Pages which have a big US audience.

In the weeks to come, Instagram will introduce similar features that enable people to view more details about accounts with a big audience base.


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