Facebook has introduced new Crossposting feature which enables publishers can post videos on other pages outside of their Business Manager.
“Using this feature, publishers can reach new, relevant audiences, avoid sending and re-uploading video, and see aggregated insights for posts across all Pages. The crossposter (the Page that did not originally upload the video) can distribute videos in a customized post and get insights into video performance on their specific Page. This new feature will work with regular video and 360 video, and it will be available soon for videos that were previously live.”

Facebook Publishers Can now Crosspost Videos On Pages With Different Owners

Facebook’s product manager Anaid Gomez Ortigoza said in the post that 169k pages are now using crossposting and publishers have tasted success with the first features. NBC’s clip on the America’s Got talent page and five other pages with more than 126M views is a good example.

To start with the new crossposting feature both the pages have to agree to establish a crossposting relationship. “The Publisher maintains complete control of their video; when uploading a video (or later in the Video Library) the publisher decides which Pages can have access to crosspost it. The Page looking to crosspost can then see videos available to post in the “Videos You Can Crosspost” tab in Publishing Tools.”

Publishers can use a video from their library and crosspost post it as an ad using the Ads Manager. The view that are generated by this video ad are aggregated in the video metrics in Page Insights, showing the total performance across paid and organic distribution.


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