Google has announced a number of updates on Monday to enable advertisers to manage responsive search ads more efficiently. These updates have been launched to address complaints about the lack of reporting on the exact combinations which work best in responsive search ads.

Google Ads Launches ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator And Reporting Specifically For Responsive Search Ads

Distinctive features of Ad Strength Indicator

Google has pressurized advertisers to have a minimum of three ads in every ad group. The main intent of responsive search ads is to assist advertisers to achieve this goal. Google believes that more ads will generate more impressions and clicks for an ad group. They emphasize that ads need to be diverse. The days of testing “Buy Now” vs “Shop now” are over. New ad strength calculates relevance, diversity, and quantity of ad copy in responsive search ads. The indicator offers ratings from “Poor” to “Excellent” and offers advice like “Add more headlines”.

From the early part of September, ad strength will be accessible as a column on the interface. It will be displayed in the ad creation interface for responsive search ads in the weeks to come. Within a few months, it will be available for responsive display ads as well.

Google Ads Launches ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator And Reporting Specifically For Responsive Search Ads

Reportings related to responsive search ads

Once advertisers create responsive search ads, they will be able to preview a number of their ad combinations. New reporting shows statistics on top combinations, descriptions, and headlines. To view this reporting on Google Ads interface, you will have to go to Ads & extensions. There add a filter for Ad types, placed below Attributes and select Responsive Search Ad. Google now suggests that every ad group should have a minimum of three ads, including one responsive search ad. According to them, responsive search ads should have a minimum of five headlines.


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