Google has announced that people now can directly call the advertiser by clicking on the phone number mentioned in their ad copy. The charges will be levied as per the PPC standards.

Here is how it works:

For an easier and wider reach, the AdWords advertisers keep their ad copy imbibed with phone numbers as a better marketing procedure. These numbers were non clickable and never generated a call unless the user himself dialed the number manually to initiate a conversation with the advertiser. With the new enhancement made to AdWords, all non-clickable numbers will be converted into click-to-call phone numbers. Mobile users therefore can dial up their preferred advertiser without even laboring hard to enter the numbers manually.

For the advertisers;

Advertisers can either opt for the Google Call Metric services or can place their own phone numbers in the ad copy. Opting for the Call Metric numbers will provide them with some added advantage like all-only, vanity numbers and call metrics reporting. Advertisers deciding to use the Call Metric service needs to delete all other numbers and instead of that they will be receiving an additional line of ad creative displaying the other phone numbers.

Google said in a letter “You’ll be able to review how many calls you receive on the clickable phone number listed in your ad text for each campaign, ad group, keyword and ad on the “Campaigns” tab in your AdWords account. Just select the “Click-type” option under the “Segment” drop down and view your report. Please note that since these are not calls generated from a Call Extension, they will not be reported in the Extensions tab reports.”


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