Google+ is expanding fast. Some social media barons have already classified it as the next big thing in social. Some have declared Google Plus as not only a Facebook rival, but a serious threat to LinkedIn and Twitter too. As it is not just social, it is professional media too. So, if you are exploring the Plus, here are a few handy tools, that will make your Google+ experience much better.

1. GoogleCards:
It is the WordPress plugin that adds a Google+ widget for linking the blog directly to your Google+ profile. It was developed by mabujo and can be downloaded here.

What this plugin does is, that it adds a widget to your blog which displays a link to google+ profile so people who visit your blog can connect with you. They can add you to their Circles, and generally get to know their preferred author as the link shows your name-profile picture and the strength of your social circle- i.e. the number of people in your Circles. The installation is pretty simple after you have downloaded the googleCards. You just have to click on 'Plugins' in WordPress and then choose 'Add New'. Then simply click on the 'Upload' link to add the plugin. Follow the simple steps there after and soon your WordPress Blog will have your G+ widget.


2. Using JSON to get G+ feeds on to your Blog: 
Now, if you are one of those, who have declared themselves addicted to Google+, then you must be spending all your time sharing posts with your chosen Circles. Too much time spent on G+ means your other platforms and blogs suffer. So, the best way out of it is to fetch your Google+ posts on to these blogs. You can do so with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). This data-interchange format is pretty easy to read and write for us and easy for machines to generate. Here is a post that shows how you can use JSON to drag your Google Plus posts to other blogs.

3. Exporting Your Facebook Friends:
Last week, this handy app, really had people squealing in delight. They could straightaway export all their friends on Facebook to Gmail contacts, and from there, straight to Google+. However, Facebook banned this Google Chrome extension that allows you to export friends from Facebook. The author of this app, Mohamed Mansour said on his home page, “Facebook is trying so hard to not allow you to export your friends. They started to remove emails of your friends from your profile on July 5th 2011. (The extension) will no longer work for many people.”

So another option  was put forward in a video by the Traveler, which guides you to export friends from Facebook. Want to have your LinkedIn contacts on Google+ too? Then this page here might help you.


4. Export Photos From Facebook:
You have all those pictures and album on Facebook, and you want to share them on Google+ too. How can you do it? It's pretty simple actually, thanks to the Picasa Facebook chrome extension. This exports your Facebook pictures to Picasa account. As Picasa is integrated with Google+, you will get your pictures on Plus in no time. Saves a lot of manual labour, this extension!

5. Add Colour to the Google Bar:
You can customise your Google Bar's colour to a shade that you prefer. If you don't like the Grey, or the Green, you may find other options quite easily. You need to have Chrome for the Color Plus App  to work for you. For other browsers too, there is an option to change the colour of your Google bar.


6. Block The Google Bar With Block Plus:
Ok, we like the Google Bar and its integration with Google+, but honestly, we need a break sometimes. The bar with our G+ details/notifications, follows us on every Google Site! This may get unnerving sometimes. So, what is the way out? It's a little thing called Block Plus! What this magical app does is, that it disintegrates Google+ from the bar, and you are not bothered by Notifications, while doing important work. This app is also referred to as the Google Plus Notifications Blocker. This app can be downloaded for Chrome here . If you are on other browsers, get the Block Plus here.

7. Google+ Surplus:
So, this one is for the BIG TIME addicts of Google+, who want to see their notifications and keep up with their stream, even when they are on non-Google Websites. Enter- Surplus– this Chrome extension, makes your G+ notifications more pronounced and easily accessible. This enables you to view notifications with a sound and you can post or respond to the same within the pop-up. What's more, you can also switch between multiple Google accounts with the Surplus.


8. Google+ Becomes Your Entertainment Hub With Google Plusbar:
If you are done for a while with the Sparks and had your share of the Hangouts, and have even sorted and re-sorted your Circles, then head on to the Google Plusbar. This little widget can turn our social into full time infotainer! Plusbar is a bookmarklet which transforms Google+ into an entertainment and information spot. You can listen to the radio, watch videos, watch any News, music or entertainment channel you want directly from Google plus.

9. Like +1 Button:
The name is quite self explanatory, this extension, combines the +1 button and the LIKE button into one. So, if you come across an interesting write up, you just have to click on 'Like +1' and your activity will be updated on both Google+ and Facebook. Here is how you can download  it.

10. Find People On Plus:
Who are you looking for? Your long lost friend? Your like-minded co-worker? Or someone from your family who lives 3 continents away? If they are on Google+, you can find them very easily. Thanks to the Find People On Plus website. It detects your area and shows user suggestions. This directory also lets you know the latest Google+ statistics.

Explore these handful of tools and tips, and feel the difference yourselves. The Plus just might get much better for you!


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.