Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 15th December 2017

Content Marketing:

Are You Ready for Content Marketing in 2018? 60+ Predictions

Joe Pulizzi writes that this is his last annual list of content marketing predictions. In this article he shares predictions from content marketing experts on how advanced technologies and newer techniques – like AI, voice-enabled search, and virtual reality – will impact the content landscape; how troubling trends like “fake news” and data breaches will add complexity to the marketing equation; and more.

3 Unusual Content Marketing Approaches That Actually Work

Nick Nelson shares three very effective yet unusual approaches to content marketing. He writes, “This requires outside-the-box thinking. Those who go against the grain and pursue methods that counter the mainstream are frequently being rewarded, and in some cases maybe even setting new trends for the marketing world.”


Not-Actually-the-Best Local SEO Practices

Miriam Ellis writes, Here are 5 of the commonest foundational marketing mistakes I’ve encountered over the years as a Local SEO consultant and forum participant. If you run into these in your own work, you’ll be doing someone a big favor by delivering “the bad news” as quickly as possible. Read on to know more.


Simon Walker has written this informative article that talks about the SEP tips for ecommerce that will change the game in 2018.  By strategically applying these techniques, your website can gain the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competitive curve and return a healthy revenue.

These 12 Website Mistakes Are Sabotaging Your SEO Strategy

In this very informative article Neil Patel shares 12 mistakes that can sabotage your SEO strategy. There are chances that your SEO strategy might not be working The article shares how because you have accidentally sabotaged your efforts. Avoid these twelve common mistakes to get the best out of your efforts.

Social Media:

The 1 Question You Need to Ask About Your Social Media Content in 2018

Every year, new platforms arise and some old ones die. In this insightful article Dakota Shane, writes, The days where consistency and high quality content almost guaranteed a loyal following are long behind us. If you aren’t building community on social media, your brand will fall behind faster than ever before in 2018.

14 Tips to Help Businesses Get More From Social Media

With user numbers and business spending rising on social media, it’s time to step back and remember some things we all need to avoid. Dom Nicastro shares the experiences of some social media marketers and what it takes to get the most from your social media campaigns.

Email Marketing:

Why Email Is Essential to Your New Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Micheal Becker writes, Email is one of the most effective digital communication channels, and delivers the highest ROI of any marketing tactic. An email-first mentality is a must for any company that wants to be ‘omnichannel’ because it’s all based on consumer movement, data generation, and the Digital ID.

10 Tips for a Wildly Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a delicate business. On one hand, you don’t want to be an evil spammer. On the other, email is an efficient way to stay in touch with potential and existing customers. Charles Edge shares ten tips that he has learned with his experience.

Link Building:

Guest Posting: Should it be Part of Your Link Building Strategy?

David Farkas has written an informative article. Including an irrelevant and off-topic link in your guest posts does one thing: It prevents search engines from doing their jobs which is only going to hurt your SEO. The misplaced product link has no relevance or value to the reader.


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