Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Content Marketing

A Minimalist’s Guide to Visual Content Marketing (Even If You’re Not a Designer)

Since white papers are no longer the secret to inbound marketing success, visual is becoming the norm. If you have not experimented with visual content marketing, have a look at this guide shared by Pamela Wilson and buckle up with three tips to find the perfect image for every piece of content you publish.

The AI and Machine Learning Revolution Is Coming for Content Marketing

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the term “artificial intelligence,” with people attributing it at different times to different technology domains. Machine learning is on that list, too! Read this insightful article by Mark Stiles and understand how investment in AI and ML will benefit content marketing operations.


SEO Channel Context: An Analysis of Growth Opportunities

Since content is the king in the SEO game, context is said to be its kingdom! Have a look at this article by Branko Kral, in which he discussed how an SEO context analysis can be used to never miss opportunities for long term traffic.

How To Optimize Your Product Page For Voice Search

As voice search gains in popularity, it is crucial to optimize your site to ensure you are prepared to capture new voice traffic. In his recent blog post, Jessy Troy shared tips and tricks to optimize your product page for voice search. Get familiar with the tactics to draw better voice search SEO strategies.

Five Unconventional Ways to Attract Website Traffic

Who does not want to attract a steady stream of readers to find a way to their website? There are thousands of ways you can boost your traffic, but the best is by trying something new. Read this insightful article by Stefan Debois, in which he shared five unconventional ways to attract potential website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

The Power of Positivity: 4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Online Presence

You must have heard, “ If you are not actively engaging online, you are missing out on potential opportunities”. In his recent blog post, Luis Garcia shared amazing tips to improve your online presence and discussed how consistency will slowly start to piece things together. Have a close look for better understanding.

20 of the best social media monitoring tools (the ultimate list)

How do you know if your customers are talking about you on social media? It can be hard to find the conversations that matter most to you. That’s where social media monitoring tools come in. So, read this insightful article by Aleh Barysevich and get familiar with the ultimate list of the best social media monitoring tools.

Email Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping email marketing

There are so many ways artificial intelligence is changing our world. One of those ways is making email marketing smarter. Read this informative article by Jess Andriani and understand how artificial intelligence is key in upgrading your email marketing tactics.


Like most marketing efforts, getting successful results in email marketing is a process. It is a combination of good planning and analyzing data to make improvements. Tip the odds of success in your favor with this article by Monika Gaberova, in which she listed experimental tips shared by 10 email marketing professionals.

Link Building

How to Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions into Links

There is nothing to deny that capitalizing on unlinked brand mentions and turning them into links is the most effective strategy to earn quality links quickly. Get familiar with the step-by step process shared by Shane Barker and master the art of building valuable links for your website.


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