Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th December 2018!

Content Marketing

The Best Checklists, Tips, and Templates for Content Marketing in 2019

Creating engaging content for the readers is the basic idea behind content marketing. As we are heading towards a new year, it is important to get familiar with the key trends which we will be using for the next 12 months. Read this informative blog post by Jodi Harris and stay up to date with the trends to be followed in 2019.

7 Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

With the approaching year, there is a lot on the horizon that needs to be managed. Have a look at this recent article by Pam Moore and choose the right content marketing trends to win content strategy in 2019. In her article, she listed 7 top marketing trends which can help you improve your content marketing ideas.


SEO 2019: Nine tips for beginners

For all the newcomers, it is obvious to get confused by the overloaded information about the key SEO trends. If you are also just getting started with your online presence, read the insightful article by Teresa Litsa and begin 20019 with new ideas.

5 SEO Trends to Help Marketing Leaders Prepare for 2019

Similar to other key areas in the tech industry, SEO is constantly changing. In his recent blog post, John Hall listed 5 SEO trends that every marketer needs to keep in mind to shape businesses’ digital futures. To stay competitive in 2019, have a close look at these trends.

SEO Mistakes that Will Put You on Google’s Naughty List

We all make mistakes. But in today’s highly digital world, it is not easy to deal with the consequences. Similarly, when it comes to SEO, it is important to avoid mistakes to ensure you do not get a penalty from Google or loose your visitors. Have a look at this factual blog post by Jenn Villa and get familiar with six things that could put your URL on Google’s penalty list.

Social Media Marketing


Since the social media have helped people to meet like-minded contacts online, it can also be used to build an MLM warm market. Read the recent blog post by Ray Higdon and enjoy more leads as well as prospects. Have a close look to get answers to your common questions.

What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media? (These “Heat Maps” Have The Answers)

Like any other form of marketing, social media for businesses can be a real challenge. There are a number of things that a marketer should keep in mind before posting on social media. If you are curious to know about the best time to post on social media, read the recent article by Kate Harrison.

Email Marketing

Why You Should Optimize Your Email Campaigns With Artificial Intelligence

Even though the modern marketer has many tools in the tool box, email remains one of the most effective ways to engage the audience. In her recent article, Berta Melder discussed the need of optimizing the email campaigns. Have a look at the article for better understanding.

Follow These 7 Tips to Write Better Cold Emails in 2019

Sending cold emails can be a risky business. There is a good chance that your email would not even be opened, read, or responded to. In this recent article, Robbie Abed listed 7 amazing tips and tricks which you can use to draw better cold emails to increase your chances of getting a response.

Link Building

Strategic vs. Tactical Link Building

Link building is not just effective, it is necessary if you wish to draw successful SEO campaign. Read this insightful blog post by Ross Hudgens and get a thorough knowledge of the difference between strategic and tactical link building to ensure your content appears on the first page of Google.


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