Google AdWords has introduced new app advertising tools with new features for advertisers with an app promotion campaign in AdWords, or those who are planning for an app promotion campaign in the iTunes App & Android Google Play store. The two new features include:

Mobile App Ad Formats:

As per this feature, the text ads will now have more info about what’s on offer in case of iOS & Android apps. The info will also include the payments expected and other users’ review and ratings. Any new ratings or reviews coming in will be automatically updated in the ads.

Google AdWords’ New App Promotion Tool with CPA Bidding & New Ad Formats!

CPA Bidding with Conversion Optimizer:

For the advertisers using conversion optimizers, Google will be able to estimate the download rate and will put in to action a target- cost per acquisition. As per Google, “Conversion Optimizer will use historical conversion data and other signals to place CPC bids automatically, in order to hit the target CPA with as much volume as possible. While results vary per campaign, strong early results from our beta campaigns show a 20%+ decrease in cost per install with the addition of Conversion Optimizer.”

Google AdWords’ New App Promotion Tool with CPA Bidding & New Ad Formats!

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