Google AdWords has made some tweaks in the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. The standalone Traffic Estimator has been retired and with the Keyword Tool changes, advertisers can now see keyword ideas with themes related to their keyword.

The tool will help you with keyword ideas and you can choose to add ad groups directly to your accounts.  For example, people searching for ‘shoes’ might see an idea for a ‘sports shoe’ group which will have keywords such as- ‘sports shoes for men’. AdWords has also integrated the Keyword Tool with the Traffic Estimator. This allows the advertisers to easily see traffic estimates for the chosen keywords.

KW Tool

The changes made in the Traffic Estimator now require that it will be made available only to advertisers logged into their AdWords accounts. This way, the estimator will use every account’s performance history to show its traffic estimates. Google has also added the ability to graph performance estimates to Traffic Estimators. This allows advertisers to determine the best suited bidding strategy. As per Google, the additional changes made include, “You can now create draft ad groups within the Traffic Estimator and easily view traffic and bid estimates for each of your draft ad groups. When you’re satisfied with your campaign structure, you can add the draft campaign directly to your account.”

This is the next change introduced in AdWords, after the recent updates in the AdWords Quality Score features.


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