Google’s booming presence in India leads to a second office in Hyderabad. This will be the second office as an office already exists in the city. Hyderabad aka “Cyberabad” was the perfect destination as the city is the country’s IT epicentre and also because of its technologically-adept and large English speaking populace.

When Google Co-Founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page visited India, they described India as a `very very dynamic country’. The uniqueness about the first Hyderabad branch is the conveyance facility provided to employees. “At present, we employ around 3,000 across 20 countries and as far as I am aware of, we do not provide pick-up and drop facilities at any of our operations elsewhere,” comments Roy Gilbert, Director Online sales and operations of Google Online India Pvt Ltd.

Of the new office, Gilbert says, “India is an exciting market. Google products and services have received a very encouraging response and our offices have grown, thanks to the exceptional talent pool, The MoU marks a step forward in further establishing our commitment to India.”

Google has finalised a memorandum with the Andhra Pradesh government to buy land for its office in Hyderabad.


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