We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Rolls Out A New Version of Crawl Stats Report

The crawl stats report shows you statistics about Google’s crawling history on your website. This report enables you to see Google crawl data totals and overtime charts for total requests, total download size and average response time. The new crawl stats report adds some unique features such as a total number of requests grouped by response code, crawled file type, crawl purpose, Googlebot type and many more.

Google Guaranteed Badge On Google Local & Maps Results 

Google Guaranteed Badge, you will be only able to spot on businesses that are a part of the Google Guaranteed program with Local Services Ads. It is available only for those businesses that pass a Google screening and qualification process through Local Services Ads. To get this label, you would need to either be signed up for Local Services Ads or part of the minimal test of businesses that are allowed to upgrade their profile for $50/month.

Manual Actions Make a Comeback in Google Search Console  

Google has confirmed it fixed a bug where some sites with manual actions did not see those manual actions in Google Search Console. Some websites that had manual actions, the manual actions notices disappeared from Google Search Console. This began on Wednesday, November 18 and was resolved as of this morning. Daniel Waisberg from Google said this was fixed and “it affected only a tiny number of sites.”    

PPC Related Updates And News

New v1.5 of Google Ads Editor: Improved Filtering, Image Extensions, Detailed Recommendations & Many More

 Google Ads Editor launches its new version 1.5 that comes with lots of goodies. This new version brings some changes such as improved filtering options, support for image extensions, more detailed recommendations, and so much more.  This allows you to filter by campaigns, ad groups, or all items that share the same label.  

Google Rolls Out Ads Insights Beta for Some Users

Google stated that they are working on a new Insights page on Google Ads. Such pages will make it easy for you to explore insights and emerging trends based on your business.  This insight page will look for trends across Google that are useful to the products and services that you advertise.  

Social Media Updates And News

Twitter Brings Back Account Verification Feature

 Twitter is working on relaunching a new system for verifying its users. This new verification process will be made available by early next year. In order to receive the blue badge, the account must be “notable and active”, Twitter noted. The six types of accounts that have been identified include Government, Companies, Brands and Non- Profit Organizations, News, Entertainment, Sports, Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential Individuals.  

Advertisers Can Now Create Posts with User’s Account on Instagram

Instagram is offering advertisers an opportunity to publish sponsored posts from users’ accounts through an update to branded content ads.  With the Instagram new process, an advertiser can publish branded content ads without the need for influencers to create an organic post first. Instagram stated that “Now brands have more flexibility with fewer constraints when they want to run Branded Content ads.”  


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